SSC Minutes for May 14, 2018

-Getting additional parents involved with SSC:

-2017-2018 Theresa’s last year on SSC, possibly Phyllis’s also (willing to serve or pass on)

-September 2018 will have a reassignment: Kim Trutane (?) in place of Ross Stapleton-Gray

-Current members can suggest parents or others they think can contribute to SSC next year

-Behaviour Matrix:

-Goal is to get as many community members to know abt Behaviour Matrix

-Timeline & Rationale: Summer-Fall 2017

-Behaviour Matrix looks at discipline differently than previous discipline grid

-Beginning of year we looked at social and emotional competencies, hoping to bring this into classrooms K-12 next year

-Reasoning & Evidence: example: harassment and bullying: unwelcome social, written, or electronic comments that are ongoing and hurt the recipient (make them feel powerless)/create a hostile environment

-Goal of behaviour matrix is to make sure discipline is more of a learning experience rather than a punishment experience through conflict resolutions/restorative circles and reflective assignments

-Regarding schedule change: no matter what, students are always going to be there, not just kicked out as far as we can get them; schedule change is very possible as a resort

-Conflict resolution or restoration circle communicates that AHS supports victims of harassment and bullying

-Next Steps: 2018-19 Goals

-Overall goal is to increase student engagement in-school and guiding positive behaviours from all students

-Use freshman orientation, advisories, and interactions w/ students/staff to communicate matrix expectations

-We want to ground our decisions in what is actually happening

-Next year, the behaviour matrix will be part of the handbook, finished with the transition when 2018-19 school year starts

-When we ask a student to stay for detention is to spend some time reading an article or TedTalks on various topics: mindfulness, decision making etc. followed by a reflective assignment

-Two Year Discipline Data Comparison @ AHS:

-Violation: a student who keeps coming down for the same reason

-Disposition: A student who is coming down for multiple infractions

-Between 2016-17 & 2017-18 school year there are decreases in actions and suspensions, increase in students counseled

SSC Minutes for November 13, 2017

Attendees: Don Hoban, Phyllis Pennington-Kent, Liz Reimuller, Sean Krazit, Zoe Ou, Chloe Park., Claire O’Brien, Ross Stapleton-Grey, M.E. Durell

Motion to Approve the Minutes by Phyllis, Don seconded and minutes were approved by the group

Social Emotional Learning and Social Justice Competencies Document:

  • Review of where these come from
  • We will review these and then ask the question: how could we tie these into the site plan for next year?
  • Read aloud of the Competencies:
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social awareness/Understanding and Valuing Others
  • Relationship Skills
  • Knowledge of Societal Inequities
  • Skills to foster equity and inclusions
  • Responsible decision-making
  • Deepening of content on a spectrum

SSC Minutes for October 9, 2017

Approved the minutes from last time


  • Don Hoban, Parent
  • ME Durell, Counselor
  • Sean Krazit, Teacher
  • Claire O’Brien, Student
  • Chloe Park, Student
  • Theresa Bittner, Parent
  • Valerie Williams, Superintendent
  • Elizabeth Reimuller, VP
  • Ross Stapleton-Gray
  • Allan Garde, Chief Business Official

AUSD Budget Presentation- Allan Garde

  • Questions about other districts and how they’re dealing with these changes?
  • Are these things we need to think about when working on next year’s site plan?
  • Targeting to know full budget priorities by end of January, so decisions can be made?

Single Plan for Student Achievement 2017-2018

  • Approved

SSC Minutes for September 18, 2017


  • Liz Reimuller, AP
  • Don Hoban, Parent
  • Phyllis Pennington-Kent, Parent
  • ME Durell, Counselor
  • Sean Krazit, Teacher
  • Claire O’Brien, Student
  • Chloe Park, Student


  • Site Plan went unfinished last year and we have an extension. It must be completed in 3-4 weeks. Our task today is to go over the main goals. Then we will begin the cycle again this year to make a plan for next year.
  • Site Council met 9 times last year, but we may not need to be so many times.
  • Wednesday and Thursdays were discussed as possible alternate meeting days, but we stayed with Monday due to attendance needs of current members.
  • We discussed the goals #1-4 of current plan: Achievement Gap, Professional Learning, Data Collection and Communication.
  • (Notes on feedback collected from members will be attached to this agenda this week.)
  • Next meeting will be Oct 9 from 5-6 in the Library. Allan Garde from the DO will be here to talk about the budget.
  • 6:30 adjourned