SSC Minutes for March 11, 2019

Attendees: M.E. Durrell, counselor; Don Hobin, parent and educator; Linus Sun, student; Liz Reimuller, Asst. Principal; Amber Dinov, resource teacher; and Kellie Stoddart, resource teacher.

Wasc Visit -- Liz went over the particulars of the upcoming WASC visit. SSC members are invited to meet WASC members during a Sunday reception.

Upcoming topics for meeting -- LCAP feedback and compare it to the site plan.

Minutes of last meeting were reviewed and approved. Stoddart moved to approve the minutes. Durrell seconded. Passed unanimously.

WASC goals --Group looked at WASC goals and compared them to the Site Plan. Each member took a WASC goal and looked at them and then compared them to what is in the site plan. Their insights were written on a worksheet. Participants shared out about their observations about how the SPSA was similar/different to WASC goals. Participants discussed how some actions related to each goal and how other actions might relate to another goal. Liz collected the worksheets written about each WASC/SPSA comparison.

SSC Minutes for February 11, 2019

Attendees:  Caroline Macarah, Karen Buttwinick, Shawn Lucas, Liz Reimuller, Becky Hopwood, Don Hoban, Linus Sun, Stacy Kamau, Amber Dinov, Kim Trutane, M.E. Durell, Sara Marcellus

  • Karen presented School Care origins, fundraising this year ~ $274, 000, School Care funded staff for Dance 2, Computer Science, 2D art electives at AHS, assist in funding  for library tech, college career coordinator.

    • Survey- collecting data from students, staff and parents

    • parents:

      • highest priority: electives

      • second: library tech

      • third: college/career coordinator & school culture and inclusion program

      • lowest: flex tutoring

    • Students:

      • electives

      • college/career coordinator

      • School culture & inclusion

      • library tech

    • teachers

      • electives

      • library tech

      • flex tutoring

      • school inclusion

    • School Care Sprint- last minute fundraising

    • how can we have a larger sample size for data

    • provide “sample” inquiry to help voices to get heard (guidance to what school care is able to do- define parameters)

    • fundraising strategies-break down what funds would go towards ie $4500= +30 minutes a day of college/career counselor time

  • WASC report is ready!- visit Mid-March

  • School Site Emergency Plan- (new proposed plan in progress with same information) view current plan in place; Questions/comments:

    • will site council review new plans?

    • how does plan get communicated to long-term sub/ subs?

    • Clarify maps for teachers ie.which rooms go where

    • Plan B ie. if threat is at meeting place, where to go? (median as alternative meeting place)

      • motion to approve, seconded & approved by members.

  • Motion to approve January 14th minutes, seconded, approved by members.

  • Liz Presented AHS WASC Action Plan goals 2018-2019

    • Report available for staff to view, will be available for community to view soon.

    • goals briefly reviewed by members

      • will revisit next meeting

Meeting convened at 6:00

SSC Minutes for January 14, 2019

  • Attendees:

    • Liz Reimuller - Facilitator

    • Christina Godfrey

    • Sara Marcellino

    • Becky Hopwood - Note Taker

    • Mary Ann Scheuer

    • Don Hoban

    • Oscar Leimbach

    • Linus Sun

    • M.E. Durell

  • Welcomed by Liz, introduced agenda and priorities for discussion. Explained WASC (Western Association for School and Colleges) accreditation. AHS will be assessed March 18-20.

  • Motion to approve October and November meeting minutes proposed by Becky, seconded by Sara. All in favor; motion passed.

  • Liz distributed draft copies of Albany and MacGregor High School Site and Emergency Plan for review by SSC members. Due for approval by February.

  • Sara asked about AED training.

  • M.E. asked who would be in charge of student medications in the event of an emergency. According to Liz, Melina Landry is responsible for these.

  • Liz explained new evacuation route during construction and general evacuation procedures.

  • New Lockdown Protocol distributed. The procedure has changed from Hide, to Run-Hide-Fight. Liz elaborated on the various steps.

  • M.E. mentioned that this training would be useful for counselors and new staff.

  • All staff are assigned to emergency teams: Light Search and Rescue; First Aid; Parent Check-In; Student Release; Safety and Security; Student Supervision. Obviously teams can adapt as needed. Every classroom teacher/room.

SSC Minutes for November 26, 2018


  • L. Reimuller, Asst Principal

  • C.Macarah, Resource Specialist

  • C. Godfrey, Parent

  • O. Leimbach, student

  • L.Sun Student Rep

  • A.Dinov, Resource Specialist

  • Don Huban, Parent

  • Mary Ann Schener, Librarian

Calif Healthy Kids Survey and SBAC data exploration.

Discussion topics of interest:

Socio economic level and achievement

Accessibility of tutoring resources for disadvantaged populations

Accessibility of after school tutoring for students with family obligations/ responsibilities ( babysitting ect), how to support these population

Importance of community events such as Homecoming Dance to help facilitate community connectedness

Concern about instances of student thoughts of “suicide”

How to give teachers the resources and support to help “build community” in the classroom, opportunities for professional development

-Team notices that the Healthy School Data was impacted by the Racial Events that happened in 2016 school year.

Team shared that the general academic functioning of the student populations at Albany is exceptional. Students are not aware of the high academic performance compared to rest of the State.

SSC Minutes for October 8, 2018

Attendees: Sara Marcellino, Becky Hopwood, Christina Godfrey, Shawn Lucas, Don Hoban, Amber Dinov, Oscar Leimbach, Liz Reimuller, Mary Ann Scheuer, Kellie Stoddart, Kim Trutane (School Board Rep), Linus Sun, ME Durell, Stacy Kamau

Introductions around the room

Went over the areas (Data Collection, Communication, PD, Student Outcomes and other areas) of the Site Plan brainstormed in September, and talked through them more.

Student Outcomes:

CTE outcomes to know where students go? How to track outcomes as it relates to careers after graduation as part of student outcomes? More classes in the trades. More technology based now.

The saturation effect - cut assemblies to increase participation

If moving forward to career and college night, ask teachers to hold back on homework/tests for following day, make it more appealing to the students

Went over action items in the current Site Plan. Dovetailed with the outcomes the site council members brainstormed.

Data Collection:

Brainstormed over data collection.

SSC Minutes for September 17th, 2018

Personal introductions of new and continuing members- focus on our roles and connections in AUSD and to education in general.

Attendees: Becky Hopwood, parent; Kellie Stoddart, teacher; Don Hoban, parent; Linus Sun, student; Christina Godfrey, parent; Kim Trutane, BOE trustee; Shawn Lucas, custodian; MaryAnn Scheuer, Librarian; M.E. Durell, counselor; Liz Reimuller, Asst Principal.

Note: others will be attending next month. Council has balanced representation so election is not required. Goal is to include more student reps.

Liz: Articulates the difference between the LCAP and SPSA. We want to make sure the sight plan goals align with the LCAP. This is an overarching guideline coming from the district. It is the job of the SSC to get input, make the plan, and submit the plan. Last year’s was approved. Without looking at the previous plan- “What do we think about these topics?”

Elements that will be reviewed this year:


Behavior Matrix

Data- (ex. test scores)

This is about people and students and what is happening at the site.

4 Goals in our Site Plan.

Student Outcomes (i.e.- achievement, learning, graduation, career & college)

How are the kids doing? are we preparing them for the world?

Communication (i.e.-Website, bulletins, newsletters, etc)

What is our communication style with the community?

Professional Development

What kind of trainings are people getting? What support is being provided to the teachers & staff?

Data Collection (powerschool, Aeries, Grades, SBAC, anecdotal)

How are we measuring out goals? How are we assessing the efficacy of programs and student learning?

In soliciting feedback from site council members- individuals will write their name next to a note where they are comfortable being a reference point and leave as blank or anonymous if they don’t want to be attached to the feedback.

Focus on one outcome for remaining 15 minutes:

Focused on Student outcomes information


How does relate to the SSC?

How do we prioritize what to work on?

Is the Site Plan connected to money? (Yes)

Liz: Good questions to ask when reviewing a Site Plan are: What do we want to start? What do we want to continue? What do you want to stop?


A lot of mention of vocational programs for kids. There appears to be a lot of pressure from peers.

Newspaper article regarding community college pathway to the UCs

Career & Technical Education

Broad Course Access

Group consensus: We will continue to discuss observations/questions/comments we wrote about the 4 goals in our future meetings. (save feedback charts)

6:00 Meeting adjourned

SSC Minutes for May 14, 2018

-Getting additional parents involved with SSC:

-2017-2018 Theresa’s last year on SSC, possibly Phyllis’s also (willing to serve or pass on)

-September 2018 will have a reassignment: Kim Trutane (?) in place of Ross Stapleton-Gray

-Current members can suggest parents or others they think can contribute to SSC next year

-Behaviour Matrix:

-Goal is to get as many community members to know abt Behaviour Matrix

-Timeline & Rationale: Summer-Fall 2017

-Behaviour Matrix looks at discipline differently than previous discipline grid

-Beginning of year we looked at social and emotional competencies, hoping to bring this into classrooms K-12 next year

-Reasoning & Evidence: example: harassment and bullying: unwelcome social, written, or electronic comments that are ongoing and hurt the recipient (make them feel powerless)/create a hostile environment

-Goal of behaviour matrix is to make sure discipline is more of a learning experience rather than a punishment experience through conflict resolutions/restorative circles and reflective assignments

-Regarding schedule change: no matter what, students are always going to be there, not just kicked out as far as we can get them; schedule change is very possible as a resort

-Conflict resolution or restoration circle communicates that AHS supports victims of harassment and bullying

-Next Steps: 2018-19 Goals

-Overall goal is to increase student engagement in-school and guiding positive behaviours from all students

-Use freshman orientation, advisories, and interactions w/ students/staff to communicate matrix expectations

-We want to ground our decisions in what is actually happening

-Next year, the behaviour matrix will be part of the handbook, finished with the transition when 2018-19 school year starts

-When we ask a student to stay for detention is to spend some time reading an article or TedTalks on various topics: mindfulness, decision making etc. followed by a reflective assignment

-Two Year Discipline Data Comparison @ AHS:

-Violation: a student who keeps coming down for the same reason

-Disposition: A student who is coming down for multiple infractions

-Between 2016-17 & 2017-18 school year there are decreases in actions and suspensions, increase in students counseled

SSC Minutes for November 13, 2017

Attendees: Don Hoban, Phyllis Pennington-Kent, Liz Reimuller, Sean Krazit, Zoe Ou, Chloe Park., Claire O’Brien, Ross Stapleton-Grey, M.E. Durell

Motion to Approve the Minutes by Phyllis, Don seconded and minutes were approved by the group

Social Emotional Learning and Social Justice Competencies Document:

  • Review of where these come from
  • We will review these and then ask the question: how could we tie these into the site plan for next year?
  • Read aloud of the Competencies:
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social awareness/Understanding and Valuing Others
  • Relationship Skills
  • Knowledge of Societal Inequities
  • Skills to foster equity and inclusions
  • Responsible decision-making
  • Deepening of content on a spectrum

SSC Minutes for October 9, 2017

Approved the minutes from last time


  • Don Hoban, Parent
  • ME Durell, Counselor
  • Sean Krazit, Teacher
  • Claire O’Brien, Student
  • Chloe Park, Student
  • Theresa Bittner, Parent
  • Valerie Williams, Superintendent
  • Elizabeth Reimuller, VP
  • Ross Stapleton-Gray
  • Allan Garde, Chief Business Official

AUSD Budget Presentation- Allan Garde

  • Questions about other districts and how they’re dealing with these changes?
  • Are these things we need to think about when working on next year’s site plan?
  • Targeting to know full budget priorities by end of January, so decisions can be made?

Single Plan for Student Achievement 2017-2018

  • Approved

SSC Minutes for September 18, 2017


  • Liz Reimuller, AP
  • Don Hoban, Parent
  • Phyllis Pennington-Kent, Parent
  • ME Durell, Counselor
  • Sean Krazit, Teacher
  • Claire O’Brien, Student
  • Chloe Park, Student


  • Site Plan went unfinished last year and we have an extension. It must be completed in 3-4 weeks. Our task today is to go over the main goals. Then we will begin the cycle again this year to make a plan for next year.
  • Site Council met 9 times last year, but we may not need to be so many times.
  • Wednesday and Thursdays were discussed as possible alternate meeting days, but we stayed with Monday due to attendance needs of current members.
  • We discussed the goals #1-4 of current plan: Achievement Gap, Professional Learning, Data Collection and Communication.
  • (Notes on feedback collected from members will be attached to this agenda this week.)
  • Next meeting will be Oct 9 from 5-6 in the Library. Allan Garde from the DO will be here to talk about the budget.
  • 6:30 adjourned