Albany High School must conduct drills on a regular basis.

Campus maps reflecting the best exit route and assembly point for each classroom are posted in all classrooms.

Fires and Fire Drills

In the event of a fire drill, exit according to the map. Teachers are to secure the room, take their roll book and assist students in moving as quickly and quietly as possible to the designated area. Administrators will provide the all-clear signal for staff and students to return to the classroom.

Earthquakes and Earthquake Drills

In the event of an earthquake drill, evacuation will occur only upon receipt of an evacuation order from the Principal or designee. No bells will be used, and evacuation routes are the same as the fire drill routes.

District Office Notification to Families

Outlined below is the process that will be used to notify families, students, staff, and
community members about an emergency - during school hours, after-hours, or on the weekend.

  • Families and staff will receive emails, and text, and calls from the district stating
    1. A description of the emergency
    2. The status of the situation
    3. Details on what communication methods will be used to provide additional information as it becomes available.
  • Accurate and confirmed information will be posted on the AUSD website(s) and AUSD Facebook, and Twitter if an emergency takes place during school hours or non-school hours.
  • If an emergency takes place during school hours, families and staff may receive a text or call from a student before AUSD can release accurate and confirmed information. Please turn to the AUSD communication methods outlined above for accurate, updated and confirmed information.
  • If an emergency takes place during school hours, staff will be given direction and receive updates from the site administrators and/or District administration. If an emergency takes place during non-school hours, staff will be notified by email, phone, and text message.

Once you've updated your AERIES parent portal, please ask the school secretary to assist you if your family:

  • Does not currently receive any automated phone calls, emails, or text messages from the district or school.
  • Needs assistance accessing the AUSD website or the AUSD Facebook page or Twitter.

* Families will receive automated phone calls and text messages to all provided primary and secondary numbers if an emergency takes place during school hours or non-school hours.

If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact Jackie Manibusan, AUSD Communications Manager, at (510) 558-3766 or email