What is FLEX?

FLEX is many things. It is the opportunity to meet student needs in creative ways based on each student's needs and includes short and long-term Independent Study, MacGregor High School, internships, work experience, community outreach and tutoring in subjects such as Algebra, Geometry, English, US History, Biology, etc.

FLEX Services

Short Term Independent Study: Students who will be leaving campus for 5 days or more.

Long-Term Independent Study: Students who seek additional learning opportunities outside the regular school day.

MacGregor High School

If students are interested in attending MacGregor High School, please click here. For the MacGregor website, click here.


Flex Tutoring is a drop-in system where should a student need help, they can come to the Flex office in the first 5 minutes of lunch to receive tutoring in core subjects. All tutoring is subject to availability of peer-tutors, and is first-come first-served.


Darren McNally
Alternative Education Coordinator
(510) 558-3750 extension: 2604

Felina Tambakos
(510) 559-6570