Vision Statement

Albany High School provides an environment challenging to our students and educates them to become happy, productive, and responsible citizens of a diverse society.

Vision for Equitable Access to Vibrant and Challenging Coursework

All students at Albany High School, including those from underserved populations, deserve vibrant and challenging coursework at all levels and in all disciplines. Such courses encourage students to achieve at their highest potential and maximize their options for post-secondary education and employment. We must act effectively to provide the supports needed to help address some of the challenges and barriers faced by our students and communities.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

At Albany High School, we expect our graduates to be:

  1. Complex thinkers with the skill to analyze and/or solve problems in a variety of contexts 
  2. Effective Communicators in a variety of formats and cultural contexts
  3. Self-Directed Learners with diverse experiences and perspectives that help guide them to healthy and productive lives
  4. Individuals academically prepared for college and other post-secondary educational opportunities