Time outside of the regular school day spent in supervised study.

In-school suspension

Alternative to regular suspension. The student spends his or her day in supervised study.


Off campus and under the supervision and responsibility of the parents/guardians (1 to 5 days per offense). An attempt will be made to notify parents. All suspensions will count toward 20 maximum set by state law. Once 20 days is reached the district is obligated to find an alternative. The alternative could be expulsion.


Removal from school district for a determined amount of time, and conditions are usually set for re-admittance at the end of that time, recommended by the Principal. Hearing set before an administrative panel, or neutral hearing officer.


School Attendance Review Board. Has the power to refer students and/or families to the legal justice system, Child Protective Services, counseling services, and alternative education programs.


When a student engages in behavior or activities that will lead to a fight, both students will be held responsible for the fight regardless of who swung or struck the first blow. Both students will be disciplined accordingly. Some behavior or activities that lead to a fight can be: quarreling, name calling, exchanging threats, exchanging obscenities, mutually agreeing to meet to fight, etc.

Loss of Eligibility

Student will not be able to participate in or attend any sports event, sports practices, or extra-curricular activities during the period of suspension. For certain actions, loss of eligibility will be for one quarter.


Student is sent to continuation high school, or if out-of-district, is sent back to their district of residence.

Discipline Grid

The current AHS discipline grid can be viewed here.