Students Interested in Attending Albany High School:

The first step in registering your student for Albany High is to go through the registration process at the district office by following these steps: 

  1. Complete the Online Enrollment Process.
  2. Schedule an appointment to visit the District Office at 151 Monroe Street and provide the verification documents. 

After completing your student’s enrollment through the district office, please note the following steps:

  1. Contact the Counseling Office secretary at Albany High (510) 558-2515 to let them know that you have registered a new high school student. Give the name(s) of the student and the grade level. You will also need to provide information related to placement tests in math, foreign language or English Language Development.
  2. For students who register during the spring enrollment period, plan to attend a course selection session for new students at Albany High School in May or June. A parent/guardian and student should attend this session together.
  3. For students who register during the summer, plan to attend a course selection and placement testing session in August before school starts.

Special Services

If your student has an IEP (a Special Education plan) from his/her last school, your enrollment package will be sent first to our Special Services office. Special Services will check the IEP and let us know the services your student will receive at Albany High. This process must take place before we can create a schedule for your son/daughter. The phone number of the Special Services office is (510) 559-6536.

Placement Tests

  • Math
  • Foreign Language—Spanish, French or Mandarin (not necessary if signing up for Level 1 of a language)
  • English Language Development


If your student will be entering 9th grade, please bring his/her most recent report card with you to the course selection session.

If your student will be entering grades 10-12, you MUST have with you a transcript from his/her most recent school, along with current grades, before a counselor can assist with course selection.