Albany High is one of the top public high schools in California. We have a diverse student body, a range of great programs including numerous CTE pathways, two AP Computer Science courses, multiple levels of Dance and more. We have State-qualifying runners, wrestlers and tennis players. We create. We think. We solve. We play.

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Bell Schedules

Monday Schedule

Monday Schedule

Block A - Tue/Thu

Block A - Tue/Thu

Block B - Wed/Fri

Block B - Wed/Fri


The current AUSD District Calendar shows all of our start/end dates, holidays and teacher in-service days. Trying to plan vacations? The 2019-20 AUSD Calendar is available here. Day-to-day event calendars for Albany High are below.

General Events

Athletic Events

Course Selection for 2019-20

A complete guide to course selection for next year can be found in the Choosing Classes section of this website. When you're ready, course requests are entered via Aeries.

Signature Page

Every student must turn in a Course Request Signature Page. This year's deadline is February 26th. Forms will be collected in English classes, but they can also be dropped off in the Counseling Office.

PowerSchool & Aeries


PowerSchool is connected to students' AUSD computer accounts. Use the following procedures to sign in:

Sign in to your school computer account from, then do the following:

g-suite waffle screenshot.png
  1. Click on the "waffle" icon in the upper right of the Gmail interface.

  2. Scroll down and click on the "more" link.

  3. Click on the PowerSchool Learning icon.

Parents, you will receive an email during your child's first week of school with instructions on how to setup a PowerSchool Learning account. If you did not receive this email, please follow the instructions here.


Even though our gradebooks (and other classroom materials, depending on the teacher) will be in PowerSchool this year, students and parents may still need to access Aeries from time-to-time.

A more in-depth explanation of the relationship between Aeries and PowerSchool can be found here.

New to AHS?

Getting Your Schedule

Best option: come to registration day on Thursday 8/23. If you can't get your schedule before the first day of school, don't worry: we have a 30min Advisory period at the beginning of that day. You'll get your schedule at that time. Signs posted in the atrium will have your Advisory room assignment on it.

Signing Into AHS Computers For The First Time?

  1. Find your username using the info at the bottom of this guide. For the password field, enter your student ID number (Also called your "Permanent ID" in Aeries.)
  2. Go to and use the "change password" option to create a personal/private password.

Useful Computer Links