How to Select Courses @ AHS

 What You Need

  • Your transcript. Use this to check that you are meeting all graduation requirements.

  • Albany High School Course Catalog (below). Use this to learn about course options and to check prerequisites and learn what requirements each course meets.

  • Albany High “A-G” List (below). Use this to check which courses meet college eligibility requirements.


  • In order to plan the most meaningful program for next year, discuss your choices with your parents, teachers and/or counselor before submitting your selection sheet.

  • Consider your time commitments, activities and responsibilities outside of school.

  • A 7th period is optional

  • Consider your post high-school plans. To be 4-year-college eligible we suggest 5 academic classes per year. You must earn Cs or better in classes used to meet college eligibility requirements. Students are limited to one class per subject area except for Arts and Social Sciences.

  • Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors classes provide excellent preparation for higher education through college-level instruction and expectations. These advanced level classes also demand a heavy workload, including additional homework and summer work. Students are advised to think carefully about selecting AP/Honors courses in areas of interest to them and consider their overall demands before signing up for multiple AP/Honors courses. We recommend no more than 3 AP courses in any given school year.

  • Be sure that you have met all course prerequisites and get teacher approval when required. All classes marked with an * on the course list require a teacher signature. If a student has not met the requirements for a particular class but can present substantial evidence demonstrating that the requirements have been met in an alternate fashion, they should complete the waiver form, attach documentation of the requirements being met, and submit it to the Counselor for review by the Principal.

  • Alternate choices are required for all courses except required classes and math. Choose your alternates carefully. Your first choice is not guaranteed, and if you omit alternates they will be chosen for you.

AHS Course Catalog

 The Course Catalog contains descriptions of all courses offered at Albany High School as well as requirements and prerequisites. Students should refer to the Course Catalog when selecting courses for the following school year.

Course Lists

These documents show every course (without descriptions) offered at each grade level. They are updated each spring for the following-year's schedule.

Schedule Change Policy

Albany High School has a student driven master schedule and all staffing, class periods and course offerings are largely determined by your initial course requests. Therefore, there is very little flexibility to change, add or drop classes once initial course selections are submitted. All classes are yearlong. Please note that most classes are full in the fall. Priority will be given to students placed in incorrect courses or levels.

Requests to change courses will be considered during the petition period in August (the week before school starts) and late January (dead week) on a case-by-case basis to minimize disruption when classes commence. After the initial petition period, changes may only be made with the approval of an administrator. Any changes made after the first 6 weeks of any semester may result in a Withdraw (W) posted on the student’s transcript.

AHS UC 'a-g' list

Please click here to go to the University of California's Doorways website. Search for Albany High School to see our full course list of UC-approved courses and to find out which courses meet 4-year college eligibility requirements in each subject area. Students can refer to this list to be sure the courses they sign up for will help them meet college eligibility requirements.

Counselor Powerpoint Presentations

Note: These are updated once-per-year in conjunction with the presentations.

Student Presentations were presented to each grade level during school on the date noted. Parent/Student Night Presentations were presented during scheduled evening events. These presentations are updated shortly before each year's Parent Information Nights. Please refer to the dates listed below.

8th grade Parent/Student Night
Covers information about graduation requirements, course scheduling, elective options and extracurricular activities for entering 9th grade students and parents. New for 2018, counselors also presented some FAQs about math course selection/placement.
(presented Feb. 25, 2019)

Rising Sophomore student presentation
(presented March 4, 2019 to current 9th graders)

Rising Junior Student Presentation
(presented March 4, 2019 to current 10th graders)

10th grade Parent/Student Night
Covers information about how to plan for the final two years of high school in preparation for meeting graduation and college eligibility requirements.
(presented March 6, 2019)

Rising Senior student presentation
(presented March 4, 2019 to current 11th graders)