SSC Minutes for September 18, 2017


  • Liz Reimuller, AP
  • Don Hoban, Parent
  • Phyllis Pennington-Kent, Parent
  • ME Durell, Counselor
  • Sean Krazit, Teacher
  • Claire O’Brien, Student
  • Chloe Park, Student


  • Site Plan went unfinished last year and we have an extension. It must be completed in 3-4 weeks. Our task today is to go over the main goals. Then we will begin the cycle again this year to make a plan for next year.
  • Site Council met 9 times last year, but we may not need to be so many times.
  • Wednesday and Thursdays were discussed as possible alternate meeting days, but we stayed with Monday due to attendance needs of current members.
  • We discussed the goals #1-4 of current plan: Achievement Gap, Professional Learning, Data Collection and Communication.
  • (Notes on feedback collected from members will be attached to this agenda this week.)
  • Next meeting will be Oct 9 from 5-6 in the Library. Allan Garde from the DO will be here to talk about the budget.
  • 6:30 adjourned