SSC Minutes for October 9, 2017

Approved the minutes from last time


  • Don Hoban, Parent
  • ME Durell, Counselor
  • Sean Krazit, Teacher
  • Claire O’Brien, Student
  • Chloe Park, Student
  • Theresa Bittner, Parent
  • Valerie Williams, Superintendent
  • Elizabeth Reimuller, VP
  • Ross Stapleton-Gray
  • Allan Garde, Chief Business Official

AUSD Budget Presentation- Allan Garde

  • Questions about other districts and how they’re dealing with these changes?
  • Are these things we need to think about when working on next year’s site plan?
  • Targeting to know full budget priorities by end of January, so decisions can be made?

Single Plan for Student Achievement 2017-2018

  • Approved