SSC Minutes for November 26, 2018


  • L. Reimuller, Asst Principal

  • C.Macarah, Resource Specialist

  • C. Godfrey, Parent

  • O. Leimbach, student

  • L.Sun Student Rep

  • A.Dinov, Resource Specialist

  • Don Huban, Parent

  • Mary Ann Schener, Librarian

Calif Healthy Kids Survey and SBAC data exploration.

Discussion topics of interest:

Socio economic level and achievement

Accessibility of tutoring resources for disadvantaged populations

Accessibility of after school tutoring for students with family obligations/ responsibilities ( babysitting ect), how to support these population

Importance of community events such as Homecoming Dance to help facilitate community connectedness

Concern about instances of student thoughts of “suicide”

How to give teachers the resources and support to help “build community” in the classroom, opportunities for professional development

-Team notices that the Healthy School Data was impacted by the Racial Events that happened in 2016 school year.

Team shared that the general academic functioning of the student populations at Albany is exceptional. Students are not aware of the high academic performance compared to rest of the State.