SSC Minutes for October 8, 2018

Attendees: Sara Marcellino, Becky Hopwood, Christina Godfrey, Shawn Lucas, Don Hoban, Amber Dinov, Oscar Leimbach, Liz Reimuller, Mary Ann Scheuer, Kellie Stoddart, Kim Trutane (School Board Rep), Linus Sun, ME Durell, Stacy Kamau

Introductions around the room

Went over the areas (Data Collection, Communication, PD, Student Outcomes and other areas) of the Site Plan brainstormed in September, and talked through them more.

Student Outcomes:

CTE outcomes to know where students go? How to track outcomes as it relates to careers after graduation as part of student outcomes? More classes in the trades. More technology based now.

The saturation effect - cut assemblies to increase participation

If moving forward to career and college night, ask teachers to hold back on homework/tests for following day, make it more appealing to the students

Went over action items in the current Site Plan. Dovetailed with the outcomes the site council members brainstormed.

Data Collection:

Brainstormed over data collection.