SSC Minutes for September 17th, 2018

Personal introductions of new and continuing members- focus on our roles and connections in AUSD and to education in general.

Attendees: Becky Hopwood, parent; Kellie Stoddart, teacher; Don Hoban, parent; Linus Sun, student; Christina Godfrey, parent; Kim Trutane, BOE trustee; Shawn Lucas, custodian; MaryAnn Scheuer, Librarian; M.E. Durell, counselor; Liz Reimuller, Asst Principal.

Note: others will be attending next month. Council has balanced representation so election is not required. Goal is to include more student reps.

Liz: Articulates the difference between the LCAP and SPSA. We want to make sure the sight plan goals align with the LCAP. This is an overarching guideline coming from the district. It is the job of the SSC to get input, make the plan, and submit the plan. Last year’s was approved. Without looking at the previous plan- “What do we think about these topics?”

Elements that will be reviewed this year:


Behavior Matrix

Data- (ex. test scores)

This is about people and students and what is happening at the site.

4 Goals in our Site Plan.

Student Outcomes (i.e.- achievement, learning, graduation, career & college)

How are the kids doing? are we preparing them for the world?

Communication (i.e.-Website, bulletins, newsletters, etc)

What is our communication style with the community?

Professional Development

What kind of trainings are people getting? What support is being provided to the teachers & staff?

Data Collection (powerschool, Aeries, Grades, SBAC, anecdotal)

How are we measuring out goals? How are we assessing the efficacy of programs and student learning?

In soliciting feedback from site council members- individuals will write their name next to a note where they are comfortable being a reference point and leave as blank or anonymous if they don’t want to be attached to the feedback.

Focus on one outcome for remaining 15 minutes:

Focused on Student outcomes information


How does relate to the SSC?

How do we prioritize what to work on?

Is the Site Plan connected to money? (Yes)

Liz: Good questions to ask when reviewing a Site Plan are: What do we want to start? What do we want to continue? What do you want to stop?


A lot of mention of vocational programs for kids. There appears to be a lot of pressure from peers.

Newspaper article regarding community college pathway to the UCs

Career & Technical Education

Broad Course Access

Group consensus: We will continue to discuss observations/questions/comments we wrote about the 4 goals in our future meetings. (save feedback charts)

6:00 Meeting adjourned