SSC Minutes for March 11, 2019

Attendees: M.E. Durrell, counselor; Don Hobin, parent and educator; Linus Sun, student; Liz Reimuller, Asst. Principal; Amber Dinov, resource teacher; and Kellie Stoddart, resource teacher.

Wasc Visit -- Liz went over the particulars of the upcoming WASC visit. SSC members are invited to meet WASC members during a Sunday reception.

Upcoming topics for meeting -- LCAP feedback and compare it to the site plan.

Minutes of last meeting were reviewed and approved. Stoddart moved to approve the minutes. Durrell seconded. Passed unanimously.

WASC goals --Group looked at WASC goals and compared them to the Site Plan. Each member took a WASC goal and looked at them and then compared them to what is in the site plan. Their insights were written on a worksheet. Participants shared out about their observations about how the SPSA was similar/different to WASC goals. Participants discussed how some actions related to each goal and how other actions might relate to another goal. Liz collected the worksheets written about each WASC/SPSA comparison.