Daily Bulletin - Monday, June 10, 2019

No. 175
Finals Schedule


  • Finals schedule this week. Check the school calendar for specific times.
    Monday: 1 & 3
    Tuesday: 5 & 7
    Wednesday: 2 & 4
    Thursday: 6 & Advisory/Make-up Finals
    Friday: Minimum Day

  • Yearbook distribution starts today after school in the atrium and art building. Limited books for sale $95 at the book room door.

  • From the AHS Library: stop by to check out a few books for summer reading. All students & staff may check out up to 5 books.

  • Seniors: There is a large number of seniors who have not yet picked up their graduation tickets. Please don't wait till the last minute! Come by this week to pick them up!

  • Seniors: Please turn in all textbooks by the end of the week including textbooks from previous years. You are done with them and this helps maintain the school textbook supply. Thank you!

  • Next year first day of school will be held on August 27th. Student Opening Day will be held on August 22nd.