Daily Bulletin - Wednesday, March 20, 2019

No. 122
Block B Schedule


  • All students are invited to provide feedback as we begin the process of hiring our next superintendent. Please attend the student session with our search firm this Wednesday, March 20 from 3:00-4:00 in the AHS library. Your input is valued and critical to the process.

  • There will be a follow up forum discussing privilege and education in the Little Theatre during Advisory. Come join us and be part of the conversation or just listen. Everyone is welcome.

  • Are you interested in taking Dance 2 next year for PE 2 or VAPA credit? Come to auditions Tuesday, March 26 at 3:50 pm in the Multipurpose room! See posted flyers or Mrs. Baker for more details.

Clubs and Teams

  • The First Annual Mattress Fundraiser information meeting for all the AHS clubs will be held on Thursday, March 28 from 1:20 – 1:50pm in the Little Theater. Ruben Moreno, the CFS representative (customfundraisingsolutions.com), will be explaining to the students how the fundraiser referral program works.

  • Every student will receive 5 referral flyers at the meeting, every buyer referred by a student will mean additional 25$ going to the club of the student's choice. Flyers will be available in the Main Office.


  • Girls Varsity Softball @ 2:30

  • Teacher lunch will be on Thursday, March 21st. We will be doing an homage to Mexican Street fare with choice of appetizer, entrée and dessert. $10 each. Visit staff lunch website for more details! You can order a gift for someone else. Let us know who and we’ll find out what they want.