Connecting a Personal Device to the AHS Wireless Network:

  1. Connect to AUSDStudent wifi.
  2. Enter your AUSD username (without the "") and password in the WiFi prompt.
    You do not have to open a browser or install software.

Figuring out your Username:

First Name + Middle Initial + Last Initial + Two-digit expected graduation year

Example #1

Name = James Edward Smith
Graduation Year = 2021
Username = jameses21

Example #2

Name = Emily Eun Lee
Graduation Year = 2018
Username = emilyel18

Example #3 (no middle name)

Name = Ajit Awari
Graduation Year = 2019
Username = ajita19
AKA, just leave out middle initial.

Example #4 (hyphenated last name)

Name = Simon Willis Chang-Johnson
Graduation Year = 2021
Username = simonwc21
AKA, only use letter from the first hyphenated name.