Daily Bulletin - Tuesday, August 27, 2019

No. 1
Monday Schedule


  • This week’s schedule: Tuesday, 8/27 and Wednesday, 8/28 are on Monday schedule. Thursday, 8/29 on a Block A schedule. Friday, 8/30 on a Block B schedule.

  • Starting today, all daily bulletin requests will be submitted online. Go to AHS website and click on the blue Daily Bulletin button. You’ll see a link to submit new items on that page. Deadline for next day is 2pm.

  • Congratulations to Avery Rasband and Genevieve Lee whose photos won recognition in the AAPT High School Physics Photo Contest. Genevieve Lee’s photo “Toroidal Bubble” and Avery Rasband’s “Water Balloons and Newton’s First Law” are both in the Top 100. Check out their photos on the 3rd floor hallway.

Clubs and Teams

  • Want to be part of a group that teaches our community about the hazards of tobacco products while having fun and meeting new people? Come to the Attendance Office after school on Friday, 8/30, to speak with Miss Josette to apply to join Albany High’s T.U.P.E (Tobacco use prevention education).