General News

Challenge Day Parent/Guardian Information Form

AHS Parents and Guardians,

All 10th grade students are scheduled to participate in Albany High School’s Challenge Day over a three day period - Monday, February 4, Tuesday, February 5th and Wednesday, February 6th at the Veterans’ Memorial Building on Portland Avenue. Many teachers will be participating in the activities as well and all teachers are aware that ⅓ of their 10th grade students will not be attending their regular classes on those days. 10th graders will be attending only one of those days and will be randomly assigned a day to participate.

For more information about the event, or to have your child opt-out, please click here.

Climate Action & Adaptation Community Workshop

Help Envision a Sustainable Albany: Climate Action & Adaptation Community Workshop

Join us for the City of Albany Climate Action and Adaptation Community Workshop on Wednesday, January 16th from 7pm-9pm at Albany City Hall to help brainstorm innovative mitigation and adaptation strategies for the City’s new Climate Action & Adaptation Plan and provide input on proposed strategies to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Learn more here.

Fall Finals Schedule (New, later start time)

Monday, January 21

No school MLK Jr. Holiday

Tuesday, January 22

8:45 - 10:43 1° Final
10:43 - 10:58 Break
11:03 - 1:01 3° Final

Wednesday, January 23

8:45 - 10:43 2° Final
10:43 - 10:58 Break
11:03 - 1:01 4° Final

Thursday, January 24

8:45 - 10:43 5° Final
10:43 - 10:58 Break
11:03 - 1:01 7° Final

Friday, January 25

8:45 - 10:43 6° Final
10:43 - 10:58 Break
11:03 - 1:01 Advisory/Make-up Finals

College Access & Success Symposium

The Association of Black Admissions and Financial Aid Officers of the Ivy League and Sister Schools (ABAFAOILSS) invites you to attend our College Access & Success Symposium. College representatives from some of America's top institutions will provide valuable insight and advice during workshops on the college admission and financial aid application processes. The program will include workshops for high school students and parents simultaneously.

To attend, please click here to complete the registration form.

Workshops for students and parents will include:

  • Financial Aid Plenary

  • Building a Thoughtful & Comprehensive College List

  • Women's College Panel

  • College Fair

Recognizing the unique challenges facing African American, Native American, Latino, and Hispanic students during the college admissions process, the Association of Black Admissions and Financial Aid Officers of the Ivy League and Sister Schools (ABAFAOILSS) was founded in 1970 to provide vital assistance for these students as they make the transition from high school to college. Visit our website at

Message Regarding Recent Snapchat Incident

Dear Albany High School Community,

Thursday afternoon administrators were given a photo captured from Snapchat showing two AHS students with their arms raised in what some interpreted to be a Nazi salute. Staff looked into the incident and followed up with the students and families involved. AHS administrators determined there was no intent to convey an inappropriate message through the image, which was a reference to popular social media content entirely unrelated to Nazi imagery or sentiments.

We continue to encourage students to reach out to administrators, teachers or staff if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe at school for any reason. We will continue to work together to ensure AHS is a safe, inclusive community for all its members.

Alexia Ritchie,
Albany High School Principal

How Will You Help Address Our Vaping Problems?

Dear Albany High School students,

I’m extending an invitation to everyone who knows that our country, city and school has a vaping problem and wants to be part of the solution. Please consider the follow information and decide how your role in our community can help reduce this dangerous trend.

  1. Administrators and campus security will increase the number of unannounced restroom inspections in all buildings and on all floors. The possession and use of all smoking/vaping products is a violation of Education Codes and consequences are outlined in our Behavior Matrix (the current AHS Behavior Matrix can be viewed here.) Thank you for respecting this rule within our community and on school grounds.

  2. The Albany City Council will be hosting a study session on the effects of flavored tobacco products and the possibility of a city wide ban. You are welcome to attend that open session at City Hall this Monday, December 3 @ 6:00pm. The location is 1000 Jackson Street and the meeting is open to everyone.

  3. Our very own Albany High school peer Tobacco Use and Prevention Education team sponsored the “Great American Smoke/Vape Out” today,. Many of you came by and caught up on how students in our area are finding ways to avoid this destructive addiction. Talk to Ms. Josette, program coordinator, on how you can join the efforts.

Once again, I need your help and commitment to address this growing problem in our community. Please feel free to email me with any comments, questions or suggestions as we work towards a common goal, dedicated to the welfare of all Albany High School students.

Best regards,
Alexia Ritchie

Exchange Student in Need of Host Family for Spring Semester

AFS, the international student exchange program, is currently hosting a 17-year-old student from Jordan, the recipient of a prestigious full scholarship under the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange & Study (YES) program. We are in need of a permanent host family for Ali, for the Spring Semester. Ali attends Albany High.

Respectful, active and warm are just a few of the words to describe Ali. In the future, he plans to study medicine and become a doctor. His favorite hobby is playing soccer for the school's club. He likes soccer because it keeps him active and healthy. At home, Ali enjoys helping his mother prepare dinner and clean the house. He also participates in community service across his city. Hoping to discover a new world and become more independent in the process, he has been looking forward to participating in this exchange program. Ali is an amazing and highly accomplished individual.

The YES program provides scholarships for students from countries with a significant Muslim population. For more information about YES, visit

If you or someone you know is interested in opening their Berkeley or Albany home to a new culture and provide a nurturing environment for this young man for the remainder of the school year, please contact our staff person, below. For more information about AFS, please visit

Albany High School Choirs' 1st Annual Dessert Theater!

An Evening Of Musical Adventure And Pastry Perfection

Friday November 30, 7:30pm at Albany Veterans Memorial Hall
Saturday December 1, 2:00pm and 7:30pm

Our newly-designed fundraiser of the season features music across all styles, genres, and time periods (including Disney, Renaissance, and classic decade hits). Throughout the event, be ready to be entertained musically and filled to your heart's content with all-you-can-eat desserts! We'll have plenty of cookies, cupcakes, brownies, pies, and other assorted faire (with a good helping of fresh fruit, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly options).

Tickets are $15 at or via any AHS choir student.

We hope you'll be part of a new annual tradition and help put this new fundraiser on the Albany map!

Help Albany Donate to Victims of the Camp Fire

Dear Albany community,

As you know by now the Butte County fire has affected numerous people in the north state. Being Chico natives who were raised in Chico, attended Chico State we are taking part in this effort to help those in need. Many many of our friends and family have been affected by the fire and have lost their homes and loved ones. The latest rumor is that my parents' house survived- one of five in a neighborhood between Chico and Paradise that had about 50-60 homes. My mom as she was leaving said, "there was a river of embers flowing down the street as the neighbors houses were burning." Fortunately they are ok, but sadly some people either didn't make it or their homes were lost, and some neighborhood friends are in the hospital from smoke inhalation or burns. It is very difficult to come to terms with this reality as people's lives have deeply been affected forever.

Please join us in our personal crusade to get a U-haul donated filled with essential items as there are 52,000 homeless people in need of basic essentials. Please read the following from people who are in the trenches and what they need:

  • Backpacks

  • Phone chargers are desperately needed

  • duffel bags, luggage

  • underwear

  • socks

  • Blankets are what are primarily needed

  • Toiletry items

  • Safeway, or Costco gift cards are also very useful

  • Soaps

The goal is to fill up the U-haul by 6pm on Friday. Please drop all donations off to the Albany High School front lobby.

David Janinis, Marin PE
Ernesto Rogers, AMS PE