Bone Marrow Drive for a Kindergarten Student at Marin

One of our new Kindergarteners at Marin was recently diagnosed with Peripheral T cell lymphoma.

Savian started the school year off with us and seemed perfectly healthy. A stubborn cough ended up being cancer. As you can imagine his family is completely shocked and devastated. He just started chemotherapy, and will need a bone marrow transplant to increase his odds of survival.

His mom is organizing a bone marrow drive and needs EVERYONE to participate. The drive will be on Saturday, September 21st from Noon-3:00. Location is Marin Elementary School (1001 Santa Fe Ave., Albany).

This is a easy process that only requires a painless cheek swab. Ideally potential donors would be under 44 years old however, after speaking with the representative we are asking for everyone between 18-65 to participate. The organization that finds bone marrow matches is “”; this is an expedited process that will be focused solely on finding a match for Savian. You can also order a kit from the above site, if you can not make it to the drive. But this drive will focus only on him and will be much faster and time is of the essence. We are a small loving community and this family needs us. We help each other when needed and remember this could be any one of our children. You literally could save his life. Please come to the drive, help spread the word and recruit candidates.

Thank you!