Help Keep the AHS Library Open and Available for Students

Hello AHS Community,

As you know, SchoolCare covers many important parts of Albany High School’s program including funding for electives, our college and career coordinator and one very critical position, our dedicated library techs.

Because of our funding crisis, we are in danger of losing our Library Tech. Our Library tech provides essential support for our students, enabling us to have extended hours before school, during lunch, and after school. If we do not have Library Tech funding, the AHS Library will be closed at lunch and after school. Our students really value using the library. “Lunchtime is really important because it’s when you’re with all your friends, it’s inside, you can eat, and it’s cozy and comfy with books and computers to do work.”

The library is an important place for all students, and an equity issue for those who need access to a quiet work space, a computer, and a printer. As one of our students said, “I know we can use the hallways after school, but the library is a quiet workplace. In the hallway, there’s constant chatter and people going places. In the library, we have resources like Chromebooks, textbooks, printers and tables. I like the quiet here -- it helps me get my work done.” The district which had previously funded 25% of the Library Tech has cut their funding. We are very much hoping that SchoolCARE will pick this up. Any donation you are able and willing to give to SchoolCARE would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support,
Alexia Ritchie, Principal