AHS PTSA-Sponsored AP Classes Information Night

ap graphic.JPG

When: Tuesday 3/12 7-9p.
Location: AHS (TBD)

Albany High School offers Advanced Placement (AP) classes in many subjects, and AP classes are popular with AHS students. But some AHS students make themselves miserable by trying to take as many AP classes as they can—often in subjects that don't interest them—in the mistaken belief that this is the only way that they will be admitted to a "good" university. Other AHS students assume that AP classes aren't for them or for "students like them," and either don't sign up for AP classes or don't do the things they need to do early on to prepare for AP classes in their final years of high school. In this information session, AHS Principal Alexia Ritchie, AHS Coordinator of Alternative Education Darren McNally and AHS Teacher Kevin James will discuss how to help your student decide whether to take AP classes (and how many), and the things your student should do to prepare for AP coursework.