Principal Ritchie's 3rd Quarter Letter

Dear Albany High School Community,

As we move into the spring semester of the school year, I would like to take this time to connect you with some of the important work that is happening at our school and in AUSD. Albany has been my professional home for 25 years and I am always amazed at the brilliance of each and every student I work for. I am also heartened by the ways in which creative and compassionate minds come together and critically push us to improve our services to students and families. Below are just a few of those efforts Albany High School is focusing on this semester.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the students, staff and families of Douglas High School in Florida. Albany High plans for and practices multiple drills each year to prepare for emergency conditions. I am always impressed at how quickly our students and staff network during these drills to ensure the safety of all our school members. One of the strongest partners we have is our own PTSA who helps fund emergency supplies for every classroom. Becoming a member helps us sustain these supplies and many other direct supports for all students. For more information please visit the AHS PTSA page on our website.

Albany High school will be looking at ways to support goals and action steps found in our Single Plan for Student Achievement (complete SPSA) and with the self study connected to our upcoming WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation visit in 2018/19. For example, one goal from our Single Plan is to develop a school wide commitment to restorative practices which includes professional development focusing on implementing these values and action steps. In the fall, our math teachers from AHS and AMS partnered to look at social justice math practices. In February, we had Social Studies teachers, counselors and administrators attend the Museum of Tolerance educators workshop and, our entire staff is looking at social emotional competencies and how they relate to academic achievement and student engagement. I am very proud of the continued inquiry and growth mindset of our school community and invite you to join us next year in our WASC accreditation opportunities for parents/caregivers and students.

Please stay connected with Albany High by subscribing to our daily newsletter found on our website and with our Powerschool online gradebook. I look forward to sharing the countdown to the class of 2018’s graduation ceremony on Friday, June 15 and in partnership with our community, moving AHS forward with efforts that benefit all students.

Alexia Ritchie