Three New Courses at AHS Next Year

Currently in the throes of course selection? Perhaps we can make your decision easier (or, more difficult, sorry.) AHS will offer two new electives and one new non-credit course next year: Business Management, CAD and Lifeguard Training. Descriptions follow:


Business Management

General Elective  |  Grades 9-12  |  UC & CSU approved

Learn all the skills you need to be an entrepreneur: how to do your accounting, create effective marketing campaigns, write a business plan, and even how to file your taxes. Class includes a number of field trips to exciting local businesses with interesting business models. Practice your new skills by starting and running a small enterprise on campus. Social entrepreneurs welcome! This course is a great complement to your study of culinary arts, visual arts, web design or other fields where most people are self-employed. It could even lead to starting your own business or getting a job in sales or accounting right out of high school.

Take this course if... you are interested in starting your own business.

For more information: Send an email to or visit Ms. Walden in Room 202.


CAD (semester)

Applied Art Elective  |  Grades 9-12  |  UC & CSU approved

Learn about the design process as it relates to engineering, architecture and industrial manufacturing. Use powerful software to create 2D drawings and 3D models of functional and artistic pieces. This is a hands-on class: we study a particular need; we make stuff; we break stuff (for Science, of course.) This semester-long class will be offered twice next year: once in the fall, and once in the spring. Students who take it fall semester may have an opportunity to take an advanced second semester in the spring, but this is not guaranteed. This is one of just two technical electives available for freshmen and sophomores (and our first new one in over ten years!)

Take this course if... you are good at visualizing things in three dimensions and like the idea of using a computer to design tools, buildings, furniture, appliances and more.

For more information: Send an email to or stop by Room 109B. Read more about the software we'll be using by searching for "Autodesk Fusion 360."


American Red Cross Lifeguard Training (semester)

Non-credit Course  |  Grades 10-12

Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies. Being a lifeguard carries a significant professional responsibility, but lifeguarding also offers opportunities for professional growth. Experiences as a lifeguard can help one develop professional and leadership skills that will last a lifetime—through college, career and family. Gain practice creating a personalized job resume. Discuss and practice interview questions. Become a more confident candidate for agencies who are hiring. Special requirements: Must be 15 years of age. Must have the ability to swim 300 yards Freestyle and Breaststroke. Must be able to complete the following in less than 1:40sec: Jump in water, swim 15 yards, recover a brick from 13ft depth and swim back to wall while carrying brick.

Take this course if... you want to want to be a lifeguard. Duh.

For more information: Contact your counselor.