How Will You Help Address Our Vaping Problems?

Dear Albany High School students,

I’m extending an invitation to everyone who knows that our country, city and school has a vaping problem and wants to be part of the solution. Please consider the follow information and decide how your role in our community can help reduce this dangerous trend.

  1. Administrators and campus security will increase the number of unannounced restroom inspections in all buildings and on all floors. The possession and use of all smoking/vaping products is a violation of Education Codes and consequences are outlined in our Behavior Matrix (the current AHS Behavior Matrix can be viewed here.) Thank you for respecting this rule within our community and on school grounds.

  2. The Albany City Council will be hosting a study session on the effects of flavored tobacco products and the possibility of a city wide ban. You are welcome to attend that open session at City Hall this Monday, December 3 @ 6:00pm. The location is 1000 Jackson Street and the meeting is open to everyone.

  3. Our very own Albany High school peer Tobacco Use and Prevention Education team sponsored the “Great American Smoke/Vape Out” today,. Many of you came by and caught up on how students in our area are finding ways to avoid this destructive addiction. Talk to Ms. Josette, program coordinator, on how you can join the efforts.

Once again, I need your help and commitment to address this growing problem in our community. Please feel free to email me with any comments, questions or suggestions as we work towards a common goal, dedicated to the welfare of all Albany High School students.

Best regards,
Alexia Ritchie