Help Albany Donate to Victims of the Camp Fire

Dear Albany community,

As you know by now the Butte County fire has affected numerous people in the north state. Being Chico natives who were raised in Chico, attended Chico State we are taking part in this effort to help those in need. Many many of our friends and family have been affected by the fire and have lost their homes and loved ones. The latest rumor is that my parents' house survived- one of five in a neighborhood between Chico and Paradise that had about 50-60 homes. My mom as she was leaving said, "there was a river of embers flowing down the street as the neighbors houses were burning." Fortunately they are ok, but sadly some people either didn't make it or their homes were lost, and some neighborhood friends are in the hospital from smoke inhalation or burns. It is very difficult to come to terms with this reality as people's lives have deeply been affected forever.

Please join us in our personal crusade to get a U-haul donated filled with essential items as there are 52,000 homeless people in need of basic essentials. Please read the following from people who are in the trenches and what they need:

  • Backpacks

  • Phone chargers are desperately needed

  • duffel bags, luggage

  • underwear

  • socks

  • Blankets are what are primarily needed

  • Toiletry items

  • Safeway, or Costco gift cards are also very useful

  • Soaps

The goal is to fill up the U-haul by 6pm on Friday. Please drop all donations off to the Albany High School front lobby.

David Janinis, Marin PE
Ernesto Rogers, AMS PE