AHS French Students Win Honors

Students in French 3, French 4 and AP participated in the annual Grand Concours, a national French context. This year, more then 85,000 students competed nationwide. Out of the 28 Albany High students who participated, the following won medals: 


Gold Medalists (95th percentile) 
Liu Yuhan
Helena Tremblay (# 2 in Northern California)
Ingalls Serena
Jared Williams
Albert Alexa
Magid-Kutlin Isabelle

Silver Medalists ( 85th and 90th percentile )
Higuchi Hope
Kiriruangchai Jirachaya
Aditi Jain
Chen Nuo
Sarah Weber
Kauffman Millie

Bronze Medalists (75th and 80th percentile)
Ding Angela
Ahn Jungah


Gold Medalists
Ibrahim Seif
Sophia Kamps

Silver Medalist
Simon Geiger

Bronze Medalists
Garrisson Pennington
Panian Julia
Than Michael


Silver Medalists
Zorigt Enhsaruul
Miles King
Annabel Driussi

Bronze Medalist
Amuuna Zulkhuu