Parents: Help Albany Come Together; Take This Survey About Racism and Bullying in Albany Schools

Dear Albany Parent,

As you probably heard, last spring, Albany High School students were discovered to have been involved in sharing racist Instagram posts depicting students of color and an African American staff member in an extremely offensive manner. The incident led to an expulsion as well as several ongoing lawsuits filed by several other students who were threatened with expulsion. This incident led to much soul searching in the community and the formation of a community group facilitated by district staff, named Albany Coming Together (ACT), which consists of parents, students, staff and community members interested in taking action on multiple levels to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. The group has formed subcommittees covering many topics, ranging from staff diversity to curriculum.

On behalf of the ACT Parent-Engagement Committee, we are reaching out through the school PTA e-trees and school newsletters to survey parents about your experience and your interest in participating in certain activities this year. Please help us out by answering this brief survey. We'd appreciate your response ASAP and no later than December 22. A different survey by the Albany Coming Together Steering Committee is expected around the new year. Please complete both!

Thank you!
Rebecca Long, Marin/AMS Parent
Kate Mehler, AHS Parent

Direct link to survey: