Interested in joining an AHS Sailing Team?

Christopher and Lauren Sullivan (parents of an incoming 8th grade sailor) are looking to develop a Albany High School Sailing Team (Girls and Boys) through the Richmond Yacht Club (RYC) High School Sailing Program located in Point Richmond for sailors (no experience required) in grades 8-12 wanting to sharpen their sailing skills throughout the fall, winter, and spring. Participants in the program attend regular after school practices at RYC and several weekend regattas around the Bay Area and Southern California. The regatta's are run by the Pacific Interscholastic Sailing Association (PCISA). Please note, a potential Albany High Sailing School Team will be a club sport and will be self-funded by those families participating as there is no funding available through the AUSD.

For those interested in participating, please email Lauren Sullivan at to be added to an interested list. They will hold an informational meeting with the RYC High School Coach on the evening of Monday, August 12th (time TBD) at the home of Chris and Lauren Sullivan in Albany.

If a student is interested however has no experience there are Summer Programs available at Richmond Yacht Club (RYC) including Beginning FJ's and 420's. Please visit for summer schedule.

Summer Reading Recs from the AHS Library

Summer is almost here! We're all looking forward to resting and relaxing. It's also a great time to find a book you want to read. Escape into a mystery, learn about a new topic, or find a story you relate to. Ms. Scheuer has pulled together a great list of recommendations from the AHS staff, as well as brand new books. All students and staff may check out up to 5 books for summer reading—books will be due Friday, August 30th. Enjoy!

Jpeg images below, but you can also view as a PDF on Google Drive.

Summer Reading Recs p1.jpg
Summer Reading Recs p2.jpg

AHS Recognized For Promoting Women in Computer Science


We are proud to announce that Albany High School has earned the College Board's AP® Computer Science Female Diversity Award for attaining female student representation in AP Computer Science Principles for 2018. This honor acknowledges our efforts to engage more female students in computer science. Among the more than 18,000 secondary schools worldwide that offer AP courses, we are one of only 685 that have achieved this important result.

Congratulations to CompSci teachers Sean Morris and AnnieJae Fischburg, and all of our hard-working students!

Volunteers Still Needed for Senior Celebration This Friday

The Senior Celebration will take place this Friday, June 7th, and is followed by a PTSA sponsored luncheon for seniors and their parents. Thanks to everyone who has already signed up, but we’re still in need of strawberries and desserts. Please follow the link below if you can contribute and help to make this event a success.

Help Keep the AHS Library Open and Available for Students

Hello AHS Community,

As you know, SchoolCare covers many important parts of Albany High School’s program including funding for electives, our college and career coordinator and one very critical position, our dedicated library techs.

Because of our funding crisis, we are in danger of losing our Library Tech. Our Library tech provides essential support for our students, enabling us to have extended hours before school, during lunch, and after school. If we do not have Library Tech funding, the AHS Library will be closed at lunch and after school. Our students really value using the library. “Lunchtime is really important because it’s when you’re with all your friends, it’s inside, you can eat, and it’s cozy and comfy with books and computers to do work.”

The library is an important place for all students, and an equity issue for those who need access to a quiet work space, a computer, and a printer. As one of our students said, “I know we can use the hallways after school, but the library is a quiet workplace. In the hallway, there’s constant chatter and people going places. In the library, we have resources like Chromebooks, textbooks, printers and tables. I like the quiet here -- it helps me get my work done.” The district which had previously funded 25% of the Library Tech has cut their funding. We are very much hoping that SchoolCARE will pick this up. Any donation you are able and willing to give to SchoolCARE would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support,
Alexia Ritchie, Principal

Assembly Schedule This Wednesday

Albany High School staff and students will be conducting an emergency evacuation drill on Wednesday, May 29. The schedule is included below this announcement. During this assembly schedule drill, I ask our school community to contribute towards this important opportunity to practice safety measures and procedures respectfully. Your help allows us to assess our strengths and challenges accurately and create substantial next steps with our emergency protocols. Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Principal Ritchie

8:10-9:42 2nd Period
9:42-9:52 Break
9:57-11:29 4th
11:34-12:20 Assembly
12:20-1:05 Lunch
1:10-2:42 6th

AHS Students Place Well at National French Contest

Le Grand Concours, the National French Contest, took place this past March. Thirty students from French 3, 4 and AP participated in this year. Congratulations to all the winners!

Photo on 5-6-19 at 1.52 PM #3.jpg
Photo on 5-6-19 at 9.58 AM.jpg
Photo on 5-6-19 at 10.09 AM #3.jpg

French 3
(14,608 students nationwide participated in this category)

  • Cai Elleen 90th percentile/ silver medalist

  • Joshua Chang 95th percentile /gold medalist

  • Emily Craik-Lacy 80 percentile/ bronze medalist

  • Xinxin Duan 95th percentile /gold medalist

  • Caitlin E.Watt 95th percentile /gold medalist

  • Ahbi Farvid-Wright 85 percentile /silver medalist

  • Enkhjin Gomboluudev 95th percentile /gold medalist

  • Mavi Hodoglugi 95th percentile /gold medalist

  • Melanie Jia-Lin-Zhao 95th percentile /gold medalist

  • Zara Kazi 90TH percentile /silver medalist

  • Max Mayali 95th percentile/ gold medalist

  • Toren Miller-Marcus 80th percentile / bronze medalist

  • Maryam Mirzaie 80th percentile/ bronze medalist

  • Suu Than 90th percentile /silver medalist

  • Tamsin Urbas 75th percentile /bronze medalist

French 4
(9,105 students nationwide participated in this category)

  • Zachary Adler 95th percentile/gold medalist

  • Zoe Ann OU 90th percentile /silver medalist

  • Melissa Hanlin Zhou 75th percentile/bronze medalist

  • Phoebe Josephine Bain 95th percentile /gold medalist

  • Gabriel Malat Del Valle 95th percentile/ gold medalist

  • Isabelle Simone Bain 95th percentile /gold medalist

  • Jennifer Yang 90th percentile /silver medalist

French AP
(3,962 students nationwide participated in this category)

  • Margaret A Silva 95th percentile /gold medalist

  • Kenza Djamaa 85th percentile /silver medalist

CAASPP/SBAC testing for Juniors

Dear Class of 2020, parents and community members,

This time of year, students all over the state are asked to participate in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) or SBAC testing. These results provide Districts a key measure of how well students are mastering the California standards. While no single assessment can provide schools with all the feedback we need to tailor instruction to meet the needs of our students, CAASPP does provide us with an Academic Indicator that is used by Local Education Agencies, real estate agents, and by Department of Education funding sources.

The Every Students Succeed Act (ESSA) requires states to test at least 95 percent of all students and student groups in English Language Arts and mathematics. It also requires states to factor the participation rate into the Academic Indicator. As approved in California’s ESSA State Plan, beginning with the 2018 Dashboard, participation rates will be factored in reporting of the Academic Indicator

Who Is Held Responsible for Meeting the 95 Percent Participation Rate Goal? All Local Educational Agencies, schools (includes charter and alternative schools), and student groups are responsible for meeting the 95 percent participation rate goal. Any student group with at least 11 students will have a participation rate calculated.

What Happens when the 95 Percent Participation Rate Goal is Not Met? Failure to meet the 95 percent participation rate requirement will have a negative impact on an LEA’s and school’s Academic Indicator, which may impact their performance levels. Therefore, the CDE is encouraging all schools to test at least 95 percent of their students.

To our class of 2020, your school, District, community and I truly appreciate your efforts on the SBAC next week. Please see our website for the testing schedule that begins on Monday, May 20th. Thank you!!


Alexia Ritchie, Principal