PowerSchool vs Aeries

Q: Do parents/students need to use both PowerSchool and Aeries?

A: Yes. PowerSchool will be used regularly (for monitoring grades, hosting classroom materials, etc.) Aeries will be used occasionally to manage personal/contact information, view transcripts and monitor attendance.


Aeries is the official Student Information System for all students at Albany Unified School District. It houses all official student data including transcripts, attendance, data required for state reporting, and emergency contact information. Parents will access Aeries to do the following:

  • Update student information during the yearly student data changing window to update emergency contact information and data sharing permissions.
  • View student attendance
  • Student class registration

The District Office maintains an Aeries help page here.


PowerSchool is used to maintain the current semester’s gradebook as well as host class websites with class information, assignments, and study materials. Parents can also communicate with teachers through the PowerSchool portal. Parents will log into PowerSchool to see a student’s daily assignments, grades, and standards-based progress.

PowerSchool maintains a website where parents can find answers to many frequently asked questions.