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Connect Academy was established in the fall of 2008 after a three-year planning period and a Specialized Secondary Program (SSP) grant from the state of California.

Connect is intended for students who want an alternative to the traditional core humanities curriculum.

The course sequence includes: U.S. History, American Literature, and Design Lab 1 in the junior year and U.S. Gov’t/econ, senior composition/non-fiction, and Design Lab 2 in the senior year. Curriculum is coordinated across subject areas, and, at times, grade levels.

The Goal of Connect Academy

The goal of Connect Academy is to promote rigorous historical and cultural academic study through creative hands-on learning
and community action projects.

Questions about Connect?

Download the brochure at the bottom of this page and/or contact us:

Juliet Chiarella
Connect Coordinator

Susan Charlip
AHS Assistant Principal
AHS Webmaster,
Mar 22, 2011, 10:49 PM