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​​Luring Attempt—AHS Male Student March 2017​

posted Mar 20, 2017, 11:37 AM by AHS Webmaster
​As part of the AUSD Concentric Circles Protocol, you are being notified of the following incident:

Board of Education Members; Student Board Members; AUSD Staff, Parents, & Students; and Community Stakeholders:

On March 14th, an Albany High School 9th grade male student was walking home from school when a man in a brown 4-door older car approached him. The man tried to engage him in conversation by asking questions, and then he told him to get in the car for a ride home. This took place at the top of Washington Street near Albany Hill.

The man was described as a white, middle-aged man, with a European accent, balding, but with some longish brown/gray hair, with a medium build. The student used excellent personal safety habits by immediately leaving the area and reporting the matter to an adult. The adult reported the incident to the Albany police.

We ask that you remind students that if they are approached by a stranger to let you, their teacher, or principal know immediately. Also, please take time to remind students, in an age appropriate manner, what to do if a stranger approaches them.

The links below are being provided as helpful safety resources:

1. Tips for Parents: &

2. Tips for Students:

Please remind students to report any suspicious activity immediately to the school and Albany Police at (510) 525-7300.

Albany Unified School District
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