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AHS Students Finish Strong in National French Contest

posted May 25, 2017, 10:53 AM by AHS Webmaster
For the past 4 years, some of Evelyne Westerman's students have been participating in Le Grand Concous, a national French contest. This year, 78000 students participated nationwide. Out of the 25 participants, 24 received a medal in their own category. Congratulations everyone!


Gold medalists 95th percentile:

Jacqueline Gonzales
Margaret A. Silva
Sophie Chemla-Vogel
Gagnon Nathan
Juliane Ivtchenko
Salome Monnet
Perrin Vacher

Silver medal 90 to 85th percentile:

Julia B. Wheeler
Anna Megibben

Bronze medal 80 to 75th percentile:
Irene M. Oshita
Kenza Djama
Shreya Tamang
John N. Judge
Zain A. Kazi


Gold medalists 95th percentile:
Alexa Albert
Jared D. William
Angela Ding
Jirachaya Kiriruangchai
Sarah Weber

Silver medal 90 to 85th percentile:
Jain A. Aditi
Serena M. Ingals


Gold medalists 95th percentile:

Yuhan Liu

Silver medal 90 to 85th percentile:

Sophia D. Kamps

Bronze medal 80 t0 75th percentile:
Seif Ibrahim