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AHS Students Finish Strong in National French Contest

posted May 25, 2017, 10:53 AM by AHS Webmaster

For the past 4 years, some of Evelyne Westerman's students have been participating in Le Grand Concous, a national French contest. This year, 78000 students participated nationwide. Out of the 25 participants, 24 received a medal in their own category. Congratulations everyone!


Gold medalists 95th percentile:

Jacqueline Gonzales
Margaret A. Silva
Sophie Chemla-Vogel
Gagnon Nathan
Juliane Ivtchenko
Salome Monnet
Perrin Vacher

Silver medal 90 to 85th percentile:

Julia B. Wheeler
Anna Megibben

Bronze medal 80 to 75th percentile:
Irene M. Oshita
Kenza Djama
Shreya Tamang
John N. Judge
Zain A. Kazi


Gold medalists 95th percentile:
Alexa Albert
Jared D. William
Angela Ding
Jirachaya Kiriruangchai
Sarah Weber

Silver medal 90 to 85th percentile:
Jain A. Aditi
Serena M. Ingals


Gold medalists 95th percentile:

Yuhan Liu

Silver medal 90 to 85th percentile:

Sophia D. Kamps

Bronze medal 80 t0 75th percentile:
Seif Ibrahim

SBAC Testing for Juniors

posted May 12, 2017, 1:23 PM by Tami Benau

Dear Juniors and their Families,

From May 15 through May 26, all juniors will participate in the Smarter Balanced or SBAC assessment for math and English language arts and literacy.  Juniors will take the Math SBAC during their US History classes the week of May 15 and the English SBAC during their English 3 classes the week of May 22.  There is no alternate schedule.  Juniors must attend all their regular classes. Juniors practiced the SBAC test in their history classes on April 17.  In addition, the following information and a flyer was provided to juniors during their English classes the week of April 24. We have additional flyers and brochures in the Counseling Office.

The SBAC online tests are based on the new California Content Standards, also known as the Common Core State Standards, for mathematics and English language arts. All CSUs and over 90 participating California community colleges accept student results from the SBAC to determine a student’s college readiness status in English and mathematics.  Please take the SBAC seriously.  In addition, districts are required to have a 90% participation rate.  Your results will give the English and math departments and the AUSD valuable information about student performance and needs. These tests will provide information to you, the student, your parents, and teachers about your progress and readiness for college and career.  

What this means for Albany High graduates:

  1. About 60 percent of current AHS graduating seniors report that they will attend a CSU or Community College each fall.  

  2. If you are not able to demonstrate ready or conditionally ready for college level math or English through the SBAC or some other means, you may have to start college in remedial classes that you must pay for and that do not earn you college credit.  

The SBAC results for AHS juniors in the spring of 2016:


60% ready   46% ready

23% conditionally ready 30% conditionally ready

11% not yet ready 15% not yet ready

6% not ready 9% not ready

How to interpret the results (give students the Junior EAP flyer):

·    Students who score at the highest performance level (“Standard Exceeded”) are considered ready for college-level coursework in English and/or mathematics and are exempt from taking the CSU English Placement Test (EPT) and/or Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) exam.

·    Students who score at the “Standard Met” performance level are considered conditionally ready for college-level coursework in English and/or mathematics and are exempt from taking the CSU English Placement Test (EPT) and/or Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) exam. However, they must take an approved English and/or mathematics course in twelfth grade and receive a grade of “C” or better to be considered ready. At AHS these courses are AP Literature for English and pre-calculus, AP Calculus AB or BC, AP Physics, or AP Statistics.  Students that do not meet the conditional requirement their senior year will need to participate in the CSU’s Early Start Program, unless exemption was met through another pathway.

·    Students who score at the “Standard Nearly Met” performance level are considered not yet ready for college-level coursework in English and/or mathematics and will need additional preparation in the twelfth grade. They will also be required to take the CSU English Placement Test (EPT) and/or Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) exam and participate in the CSU Early Start Program unless they meet the exemption criteria through another pathway.  

·   Students who score at the “Standard Not Met” performance level are considered not ready for college-level work in English and/or mathematics. They will need substantial improvement to demonstrate knowledge and skills needed for success in entry-level credit-bearing college coursework after high school. They will also be required to take the CSU English Placement Test (EPT) and/or Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) exam and participate in the CSU Early Start Program unless they meet the exemption criteria through another pathway.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Tami Benau at 510-558-2502

Message to the Community Re: Additional Instagram Issues

posted Apr 30, 2017, 8:23 AM by AHS Webmaster

The attached message was sent electronically to AHS families on April 27, 2017. We are posting it here for anyone who did not receive it.

Appointed Leadership Positions for 2017-18

posted Apr 29, 2017, 8:43 AM by AHS Webmaster

Greetings Albany High,

Thank you all for your patience and we'd like to especially thank the interviewers for their professionalism and outstanding interviews. All interviewees were well-qualified thus making the decision tough, but after some consideration, we have the appointed positions for the 2017-18 school year. We look forward to working with the newly elected Leadership and we wish you all a great rest of the year.

Best Regards,
Anne Wong

IIC Representative
Alfred Yoon

Commissioner of Production (aka Sound)
Samuel Dubois

PTSA Representative
Pia Renesses

Site Council Representative
Claire O'Brien

ELD Representatives
Marina Borges
Bessy Carrasco

Commissioner of Fundraising
Maria Krashna

Commissioner of Community Outreach and Elections
Allie Larman

Commissioner of Spirit and Athletics
Christina Rakhamimov

School Board Representative
Navin Attanyake

Community Sustainability Representative
Terra Baer

Sophomore Class Council
Celeste Elsbury
Isabelle Bain
Bun Naniel Neou

Last Chance to Pre-purchase the 2017 AHS Yearbook

posted Apr 27, 2017, 5:17 PM by AHS Webmaster

Sales will continue through next Monday, May 1.

Cost is $90. Checks can be made payable to AHS. Bring to Ms. Radford in room 206 or leave in Ms. Radford's box in the main office.

A limited number of books will be available for purchase in June.

Questions? email

Leadership Election Results

posted Apr 21, 2017, 8:08 PM by AHS Webmaster

Over the past 24 hours, Albany High School has gone to the polling booths and voted for the Student Leadership of 2017-18. As the outgoing ASB President, I have had the great honor of serving this school and community, but it is now time to pass the baton.

I know that the incoming leadership will continue to lead and strengthen our community, no matter the obstacles in their path.

Congratulations to everyone who ran for elected office and good luck in all of your future endeavors.

Best Wishes,
Sarah Xu

ASB Elected Positions

ASB President
Anne Wong

ASB Vice-President

Mahima Silwal

ASB Secretary-Treasurer
Dakota Bodell

ASB Commissioner of Publicity
Alyssa Ha

ASB Commissioner of Clubs, Diversity, and Arts

Sarah Hartono

Senior Class

Senior Class President
Gia Nealy

Senior Class Vice-President
Riley Harmon 

Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer
Jared Williams

Senior Class Council Members
Alissa Neou
Kassidy Chan
Claire O’Brien
Kyleen Vo
Allie Larman

Junior Class

Junior Class President
Wictoria Silvestre

Junior Class Vice-President

Daniel Liu

Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer

Julie Khou

Junior Class Council Members
Ezra Mander
Jade Goree
Maddy Chen
Jungah Ahn
Sunny Zhou

Sophomore Class

Sophomore Class President
Michaela Weinstein

Sophomore Class Vice-President

George Song

Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer

Elizabeth Miki

Sophomore Class Council Members

Jennifer Yang
Zi Qing (Amy) Tan

Message to AUSD Community from the Albany High Parents for Diversity and Inclusion

posted Apr 5, 2017, 8:54 PM by AHS Webmaster

To The Albany Community:

The school district is honored to share this message from a group of parents who are committed to facing painful situations about racism with a genuine desire to learn and improve.

The Albany community has the District’s unwavering commitment to work tirelessly and with vigilance to honor this request. We agree with the values and we hear the sense of urgency.

We will be working with staff, students, parents, and community members to realize the goals beautifully articulated in the message below. \

Val Williams, Superintendent

Dear Albany Community,

Many of the parents of the children directly involved in the Albany High School Instagram incident met on Sunday, April 2nd to discuss what happened and to determine how to move forward. Specifically included were many the parents of kids that were involved in starting and following the account, along with some of the parents of the students directly targeted by the account.

All of the parents took turns to very sincerely share their most heartfelt feelings about this terrible incident. We want the Albany community to know that we are unified in our goal of capitalizing on this teachable moment by first healing and educating our children and secondly committing to long-term solutions that will prevent such incidents in the future.

As such, our vision and mission is to show and demand that AUSD curriculum, staff and leadership promote inclusion and a breadth of cultural education that empowers our kids -- our future leaders of this community -- to fulfill the vision we see for Albany and the world at large.

We are united in this process to help our children heal, learn and emerge as strong, confident young adults who are sensitive to and supportive of diversity everywhere. So far, our parent group has committed to continuing to meet together, to talking with our children about atonement and forgiveness, and to communicating with the community about our progress.

We want the community to know that our families are working to heal together. This will take time and from where the process is today, day one, we are asking a lot of our children. They are just beginning to know about the adult realities of the world. And as the adult influences in their lives we must also be committed to growth and learning in this journey toward true-unity, true-community, true-communication and true-love. We trust that you too will join us on this journey.

~Albany High Parents for Diversity and Inclusion

Message to the Community About Anti-Semitic Incident at AHS

posted Mar 28, 2017, 3:43 PM by AHS Webmaster   [ updated Mar 28, 2017, 3:44 PM ]

AUSD Parents, Staff, Students & Community Members,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of an anti-semitic incident that occurred on the Albany High School campus. The situation, which I describe below, was handled the day that Principal Anderson and his co-administrators were alerted to the incident. Given our recent experiences and our reaffirmed commitment to safe and welcoming campuses, we are providing the details of this situation to you.

On March 8th, AHS administrators were notified that a group of seven 9th graders had been engaging in Nazi salutes to each other when passing in the halls. While administrators were alerted to this behavior on March 8th, upon further investigation, it was determined that these students were making these salutes to each other for several months. The vice principal immediately brought these students into the office, determined what occurred, contacted their parents, and took appropriate action.

We believe it would be helpful for our community to know the process AHS uses when issues of bullying, harassment, racism, anti-semitism, or any other hate motivated speech or acts occur. When a student or group of students is reported to have engaged in these behaviors, administration:
  • Conducts an investigation to determine the facts. This includes speaking with the students involved (victims, perpetrators)
  • Notifies the parents of both alleged perpetrators and victims
  • Determines consequences for the students who engaged in the behavior, including school-related discipline
  • Puts in place the appropriate counseling or other support services for the students involved
These recent events have underscored our need to work with organizations like SEEDS to implement restorative justice practices, as well as culturally responsive teaching and practices. It is our goal not only to set the tone that any racist, sexist, discriminatory, or hate related speech and behavior will not be tolerated, but that we also create a school community in which all students feel safe, welcome, and respected. This is a community effort, and we are grateful for the outpouring of support and advocacy for our students.

We realize that strong home-school partnerships are based on trust, and that trust is built from honest, forthright communication. Upon reflection, we recognize that this incident should also have been reported to the AHS staff and parent community. In the future, Principal Anderson will make sure that his school community is informed about such serious incidents and the proactive steps that are being taken to reinforce our commitment to a safe learning and teaching environment.

Val Williams, Superintendent
Jeff Anderson, Principal Albany High School

Update on Recent Events at Albany High School

posted Mar 28, 2017, 10:15 AM by AHS Webmaster

AUSD Parents, Staff, Students & Community Members,

It is important that our AUSD students, parents, staff and community knows that we are moving as quickly, proactively, and thoughtfully as possible in response to the recent racism and hate that surfaced last week at Albany High School. We also want the Albany community to know that we are responding with systemic action and using this as a teachable moment for all AUSD students.

The first of several steps for Albany High School began today when Principal Jeff Anderson and his team met with Jeff Sloan, Executive Director of SEEDS (Services that Encourage Effective Dialogue and Solutions) and his team. SEEDS is a nonprofit community-based organization that has been providing mediation, facilitation, training and restorative justice to residents, organizations, and schools in the Bay Area since 1983. This morning, they collaborated on a plan which begins with a series of SEEDS facilitated restorative circles with all AHS juniors. In addition, a student-organized All School Assembly is planned for Wednesday, and AUSD faculty will receive support through a SEEDS facilitated faculty conversation.

District office staff are reviewing current Board Policies to ensure students are protected from bullying, harassment, and hate-speech, and we will continue to collaborate with parent-leaders to foster respect, empathy, and caring in our schools. As we continue our work together, we will provide frequent updates to the community.

Statement of Support for the Students and Families Targeted by Racist Photos Posted to Social Media

posted Mar 26, 2017, 9:23 PM by AHS Webmaster

The members of the African-American/Black Parent Engagement Committee are deeply saddened and concerned by the recent racist actions at Albany High School; we extend our heartfelt support and empathy to the students and their parents of AHS that were the targets of hate and bigotry this week. Members of the AA/BPEC are parents, teachers and administrators of Albany Unified. We stand behind you and support you during this stressful time.

We know that racism and discrimination exist in this country. As parents we try to teach and prepare our children to deal with these challenges. It is our expectation that school is a safe haven where our children will learn and grow in a safe and inclusive environment. We would like to believe this hateful act is not indicative of the Albany community, but nevertheless we are left with feelings of uncertainty and restlessness when things like this occur and question the world and the community we live in. It is very disheartening when our children are forced to deal with racism, bigotry and discrimination at school and it will not be tolerated. It is our hope that this incident will be dealt with by not just punitive action for the perpetrators, but with systemic action by AUSD to un-teach this type of behavior that has existed for far too long. We must work together to stop hate and racism in our schools and community. It is our hope that we will learn from this experience and grow together as a community.

Over the past few days the students at AHS have displayed tremendous amounts of support for their peers that were targets of this racist act. We also stand in support and solidarity with the students, teachers, administrators and staff against such actions and acts of discrimination, hate and inequity.


African-American/Black Engagement Committee Members
The African-American/Black Parent Engagement Committee may be contacted on Facebook at

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