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AHS Votes. Will Nation Follow?

posted Nov 18, 2016, 2:12 PM by AHS Journalism
By Eamonn Harvey

In the 2016 Mock General Election held yesterday at Albany High School, the voters elected Hillary Clinton with 76 percent of the ballots cast. Clinton bested Donald Trump (8 percent) and three third-party challengers who split the remaining votes.

Junior Mishael Hibshoosh said he, “is shocked that Clinton did not reach at least 80%.”

In the U.S. Senate race, Democrat Kamala D. Harris won over fellow Democrat Loretta Sanchez by a margin of 58.5 percent to 41.5 percent. Barbara Lee was re-elected to the U.S. House of Representatives with more than 92 percent of the vote.

An obvious question is how predictive the Albany High results will be with regards to the November 8 General Election.

The AHS Mock election, in which students voted online, was conducted by English 3 and U.S. history classes taught by Juliet Radford and Emily Surowitz and their students.

More than 86 percent of students voted yes on California Proposition 56 which would increase the cost of a pack of cigarettes by $2.

The results for the two propositions about the death penalty are surprising. Seventy-one percent voted yes on repealing the death penalty (Proposition 62), but only 51 percent of people voted no on Proposition 66 that would make it harder for inmates on death row to appeal.

One would think that the same amount of people who voted to repeal the death penalty would also vote to make it easier for convicts on death row to appeal. Some observers believe that a lot of people did not understand Proposition 66.

Marijuana legalization (Proposition 64) won by 71 percent for to 29 percent against.

Proposition 63, the one that proposes different regulations on guns in multiple ways, won by the most out of any of the other propositions with 90 percent of the votes cast.

The local measure on the Albany soda tax proposition won by 63 percent to 37 percent.

Junior Joe Rees-Hill remarked, “If it passes in the actual election, the measure will support Albany not only with extra tax dollars but also by discouraging consumption of sugary beverages.”

The voter turnout rate for this mock election was about 52 percent, with more than 600 votes cast. In the actual 2012 General Election, turnout was 57.5 percent.