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Career and Technical Education

Notes and links for the AUSD CTE meeting on 11/03/11.

Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act

Perkins Title I Acceptable Uses
    • Conducting an assessment of the career and technical education programs funded under Perkins IV.
    • Developing, improving, or expanding the use of technology in career and technical education.
    • Offering professional development programs at the secondary and postsecondary levels.
    • Integrating academics with career and technical education.
    • Providing preparation for non-traditional fields in current and emerging professions.
    • Supporting partnerships among local educational agencies, institutions of higher education, adult education providers, and other entities to enable students to achieve state academic standards, and career and technical skills, or complete career and technical programs of study.
    • Serving individuals in state institutions.
    • Providing support for programs for special populations that lead to high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand occupations.
    • Offering technical assistance for eligible recipients.
Perkins Title II Acceptable Uses
    • Providing in-service professional development for teachers, faculty, administrators, and counselors;
    • Establishing articulation agreements between and among secondary agencies, postsecondary institutions, businesses, and labor organizations, especially with regard to the use of distance learning and educational technology to deliver programs and services;
    • Improving career guidance and academic counseling for participating students;
    • Developing curriculum that supports effective transitions between secondary and postsecondary career and technical education programs; and
    • Purchasing tech prep program equipment and instructional materials.

CTE Resources

General information about CTE. Check left menu under CTE Information. Many in-depth sections cover history of CTE, past and present CTE research, fact sheets, etc.

Very thorough collection of CTE resources specific to California. Key facts. State administrative guidelines, implementation and evaluation procedures. State and local initiatives. Examples of effective programs.

A huge document, adopted in 2007. Specifically for grades seven through twelve.


Chapter 1 of Jeff Castle's masters thesis, which focuses on Albany High School. The first chapter, however, provides a general overview of CTE efforts throughout the country through 2003, and then builds a case for continued CTE support at AHS.