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Political Spectrum

Political Spectrum Quizzes: 

Party Platform information:

Glorious Independence

Looking for jobs:
Search for non-profit jobs on Idealist.

Search for tech jobs on

Search for education jobs on

Got a specific field in mind? Ask Ms. O where to search.

Want to work for a specific company? Go to their website and look for job postings.

Look for jobs on craiglist.

Career Personality Test (scroll down to “take the test”)

Looking for pay info:
Try They might try to make you login, but try to bypass it so you don't have to give them your info.

Find the inside scoop on what it's like to work for specific companies at

Wage data by region and occupation at

Occupation profiles at

Career categories from

Read some Awesome Non-Fiction!

Two ways to look for a book you will love:

1) Browse this list of shelf categories. Take a look at the subjects on the list. Circle or write down the ones that appeal to you. Then go to the corresponding shelf and browse for books. You can ask Ms. Oremland or your teacher to help you choose between ones you have discovered. 

2) Go to the Library Catalog and explore books by topic. Here's what to do:

----Click on the Visual tab. You will get a screen that looks like this:

-----Click on the button that looks like this: 

Click on the subject that interests you the most. Click on a title to read a summary of the book. It will tell you how many pages the book is, too. You can also see whether the book is checked In or Out.