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Google Alternatives

Try SweetSearch or RefSeek or Citizendium instead of Google for search results pre-reviewed by experts. 

Log into your school mail. Click on the "waffle" and click More to find the Noodle Tools app. 

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Remember: there are 3 different EBSCO databases:

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Open Access Databases

Search PLoSOne's open access database for medical and scientific journal articles:

Poetry Resources

The Credibility Spectrum

Credible means: Coming from a person or organization that is a trusted expert on the topic you are researching. This means the source has a good reputation and reliable information.

Some types of sources are generally more credible than others. Look at the list below. The types of sources at the top of the list are generally more credible than the sources at the bottom of the list. 

(generally)MOST CREDIBLE:

  • Academic journals, original research, studies, official reports
  • .edu or .gov sites (although watch out for student work or outdated info)
  • educational websites or non-profit research organizations or foundations (examples: museums, libraries, non-profit research)
  • well-regarded news or magazine sources (watch out for opinion or bias)
LEAST CREDIBLE - follow information back to the original source!!
  • Wikipedia or other websites that collect a lot of information from elsewhere (like Huffington Post or Buzzfeed)
  • blogs or social media
  • random websites with no author information or sources

Tips for Searching With Google

Advanced search engine methods

To NARROW your search:

If you...

Google will...

only use important key words

find more specific/relevant results

put quotation marks around words

find EXACTLY what is inside the “ “

put a subtraction sign next to a word or phrase

NOT find results with that word or phrase

intitle: next to a word or phrase

only find articles with that word/phrase in the title of the article

To find sources towards the top of the credibility spectrum:

If you...

Google will...

add keywords like: study, report, research (or go to

more likely find academic research articles     OR

only find results from that domain

search tools → Any time → custom range

only find articles from the time period you want


Questions you should ask to see if websites are credible?

  • Who is the author or organization who wrote this? Can I trust them? What is their reputation?
  • Where did the information come from and did the info come from credible sources?
  • Is this from a source at the top of the credibility spectrum (academic journal article, .edu or .gov, educational non-profit organization or well-known news source)?
  • Is the information from the date range I want?

Research at the College Level

Watch a short video in which college students and professors explain what research is like in college. 

For high school students.

For teachers.

Grammar and Writing Guides

Capital Community College Grammar Quizzes and Puzzles:


         (actually slightly fun!)


Purdue Online Writing Lab Resources:


Purdue Online Writing Lab MLA Formatting and Style Guide:

Look at an example Works Cited page:


National Geographic Archives