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Library Rules and Policies

Expected Behaviors

  • Use quiet voices and speak respectfully.
  • Keep food outside.
  • Put cell phones on silent; texting only; turn off keypad tones. Step outside to talk on phones.
  • Use audio players with headphones, and make sure they are not audible to anyone but the user.
  • Have a signed pass from a teacher or staff member whenever individually using the library during regular class time. 
  • Use computers for school assignments only, when you are in the library as part of a class or sent individually to work on an assignment.
  • Check out all materials at the circulation desk before taking them from the library.
  • Use computers and Internet in accordance with the district’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy Form and instructions from Library Staff.

Library Policies

  • During non-class time, students who need computers for school assignments will receive priority over those who are using the computers for personal reasons.
  • If you return library materials after the due date stamped on your book(s), you will be fined 10 cents per item, per day.
  • If you lose or damage a book, you will need to pay to replace the item, or provide a suitable replacement.
  • If you have overdue books or fines in excess of $10, you will not be allowed to check out more materials until you have resolved your account.
*Failure to pay library fines may result in disciplinary action.