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Sara Oremland
soremland {at}

Library Tech
Jenna Brotsky
jbrotsky  {at}

Miss Jenna's hours are from the start of lunch until the library closes.

Library Catalog

Click here to search for books at AHS.

What Should I Read Next?

Trying to decide what to read next? Try one of these methods:

-Go to the catalog. Then click on the Visual tab to search by category. Here is a screenshot of the Visual search:

-Try one of these websites to find interesting books. Then check the AHS Library Catalog to see if the book is at AHS.

What Should I Read Next?


Your Next Book

Fun interactive flow chart to help you choose your next book.

eBooks from local public libraries

Clubs that meet in the Library

Every Monday at lunch: Book Addicts Anonymous (BAA). Come discuss whatever book you are reading for fun!

Every Tuesday at lunch: Harry Potter Alliance! Turn your love of the HP series into action that will benefit our community!

Library Hours

Monday: 7:40 – 5

Tuesday: 7:40 – 5

Wednesday: 7:40 – 4

Thursday: 7:40 – 5

Friday: 7:40 – 3:40

Open every day at lunch!