Sara Oremland
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Library Tech 
Jenna Brotsky
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Miss Jenna's hours are from the start of lunch until the library closes.

Library Catalog

Click here to search for books at AHS.

What Should I Read Next?

Trying to decide what to read next? Try one of these methods:

-Go to the catalog. Then click on the Visual tab to search by category. Here is a screenshot of the Visual search:

-Try one of these websites to find interesting books. Then check the AHS Library Catalog to see if the book is at AHS.

What Should I Read Next?


Your Next Book

Fun interactive flow chart to choose your next book

eBooks from local public libraries

Contra Costa:
Berkeley Public library:

Clubs that meet in the Library

Every Monday at lunch: Book Addicts Anonymous (BAA). Come discuss whatever book you are reading for fun!

Every Tuesday at lunch: Harry Potter Alliance! Turn your love of the HP series into action that will benefit our community!

Library Hours

Monday: 7:40 – 5

Tuesday: 7:40 – 5

Wednesday: 7:40 – 4

Thursday: 7:40 – 5

Friday: 7:40 – 3:40

Open every day at lunch!