Essential Standards

Essential Standards, Rubrics, Assessments (ESRA)


Purpose: To track student progress towards meeting the Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs) and to assess programs, instructional strategies, and curriculum for improvement purposes.


  • Achieving standards without becoming standardized
  • Distinguish “essential” from the “nice to know” (to be ready for the next level)
  • Consistency required for equity, facilitating interventions, closing the achievement gap, creating options to meet individual student needs

Essential Standards:  What is it the students need to know and/or be able to do?  How do we know when they know or can do it? A student must demonstrate minimum proficiency in these essential skills and knowledge in order to pass the class.

Common Benchmark Assessments: A variety of opportunities for students to demonstrate proficiency in the essential standards.  These assessments should be performance-based and authentic, whenever possible.

Rubrics:  Teachers agree upon the definition of proficiency for each essential standard through the use of clearly articulated and graded rubrics. These rubrics are being published for students and the community.