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Many of the applied art classes at Albany High are offered through a relationship we have with the Contra Costa County Region Occupation Program (ROP).

What Is CTE/ROP?

CTE/ROP is the Contra Costa County Office of Education's career training program designed for high school juniors and seniors. The goal of CTE/ROP is to help students gain knowledge and skills for future careers.

In addition to the skills developed for specific fields, each class helps students develop a résumé, review effective interviewing techniques and identify sources of employment.

CTE/ROP is an excellent way to prepare for college. If students are uncertain about their college major or career choice, CTE/ROP provides an opportunity to explore a career field. Students use the skills they develop in CTE/ROP to gain higher paying part-time work to help pay for college expenses.

Internships and hands-on experience provide students the opportunity to “try-out” career choices before investing time and money in college or post-secondary training.

ROP Classes Offered at Albany High

ROP Graphic Arts
ROP AP Computer Science
ROP Sports Medicine
ROP Culinary Arts
ROP Digital Photography
ROP Advanced Digital Photography
ROP Journalism