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Graduation Requirements

Students must complete a total of 220 credits to graduate, including the required subject areas listed below. Each class is 5 credits per semester or 10 credits per year, with a passing grade of D or better.

English: 40 Credits 
One (1) year 9th grade English 1 or ELD 
One (1) year 10th grade English 2 or ELD 
One (1) year 11th grade English 3, Eng. 3 Honors or ELD 
One (1) year 12th grade English electives, AP Lit, or ELD

Social Studies: 30 credits 
10 credits of World History, 10 credits of US History, 5 credits of US Government, 5 credits of Economics

Mathematics: 20 credits 
Any combination of math classes for 20 credits. At least one class must be Algebra 1/Math 1 or higher.

Science: 20 credits 
10 credits of Life Science, 10 credits of Physical Science

Physical Education: 20 credits 
One (1) year 9th grade, one (1) year 10th grade 
P.E. credits may be satisfied by participating in AHS inter-scholastic sports beginning in 10th grade (2.5 per sport). (Credits from sports participation do NOT count toward total credits required for graduation).

Fine Arts: 10 credits 
Any art, music, or drama combination for 10 credits.

Applied Arts: 10 credits 
Any technology-based courses for a total of 10 credits