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Career Resources

Thank you for taking an interest in your future. Below you will find links to tools and resources for your to consider the many options available to you after high school. 

Career Day

Career Day at Albany High provides an opportunity for all students to select three to four careers and jobs that they are interested in learning about. The presenters are approximately 50 adults from varied occupations, with many parents among them. They come to spend an entire morning at the school. All students in the school participate in Career Day, so over the course of four years students can expect to hear 12-16 presentations. Some careers represented at past Career Days include physicians, attorneys, theater, FBI agents, graphic designers, car mechanics, bakers, the Peace Corps, musicians, psychologists, police officers, and dentists. The aim is to have a mix of occupations/careers with a range of educational requirements. If you would like to become involved, e-mail the Career Day committee at Speakers can register at

Job Shadow Day

Job Shadow Day is a voluntary event for Juniors. They spend a day shadowing workplace mentors as they go through a normal day on the job, and thus get a firsthand look at how the skills learned in school are put into action in the workplace. Students often become more motivated to learn once they see the relevance of their class work, while schools can begin to build partnerships with businesses that can enhance the educational experiences of their students. Parent and community volunteers play a critical role in making this day possible. If you would like to become involved, e-mail the Job Shadow Day committee at Hosts can register at