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Teacher Wish Lists

The PTSA has compiled the list below of supplies that AHS teachers currently need. If you would like to help the school out by donating any of these items, please contact the AHS PTSA at We will gladly arrange a time for drop-offs (or pick up if appropriate).

Your tax-deductible gift will be greatly appreciated by our dedicated teachers and staff, and this will directly benefit our students.

Please contact to arrange pick up or drop off of your donation. Thank you.

Thank you!


Guitar tuners
Pitch pipes

Culinary Arts

Blenders (2)
Chef Coats - black or white (25) class set


Art Supplies: markers, glue sticks, big paper (any…!)
Paperback books for in-class reading (old, used, loved or loathed for classroom library)
Drawing paper 24x36
Three hole puncher

Foreign Languages

Document Camera for teaching ELD, French and English
Map of France (roll-up type)
Old dot-matrix, computer printer paper that comes in a long folded pile w/ perforated sheets
Graph paper (24x36)
Glue sticks (30)
Color pencils

High School Main Office

Any office supplies
recycled envelopes (for parents to put lunch money in)
scrap paper
paper clips
index tabs
hanging file folders
protector pages

History & Social Science

Graph Paper (for economics class)
Map of Iran (or the Middle East) to hang on wall (up to date)
Copies of UN Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights
printer copies of Model UN Conferences - low priority
Posters for the Classroom (history, social science, art…)
World Maps (up to date)
BART Tickets for Student field trips
Binder Clips (small, med, large, fun colors?)
Blue pens & pencils
Poster Board - white for history projects
Highlighters (class set)
Color pencils/markers
colored set of sharpies (perm markers)
overhead pens (Class set)
Simple Atlas Book (class set)
White Boards (33)
Dry Erase Pens - multi colors
Markers and/or colored pencils


Scientific Calculators (30) w/ tan, cos, and sin
$100 scholarships for kids taking exams
document cameras for Math Dept. to replace overhead projectors
Graph Paper
Safe-T compasses for Geometry students
pencils and erasers (for 1M1 kids)
spiral notebooks for math notes (for 1M1 kids)

Mental Health Coordinator

File cabinet with key, 2 or 4 drawer, new or used
Space Heater

Special Day Class

Foosball Table - to facilitate integration between students & general ed. students during lunch
Toaster Oven - for cooking class
Electric (stainless steel) teapot
CD Player or MP3 - to be used for break time/rewards

Special Education - RSP Resource Specialist

Globe - classroom sized - up to date
Color Printer - ink jet
Stapler - large, heavy duty
Reusable Water Jug, BPA free (available @ whole foods around$15.00)
Inkjet Printer (Color)
Room Divider Screen - 3 fold (like Pierl or Ikea, Crate & Barrel)

Speech Pathologist

8GB SDHC Memory Card= $31.99 x 3 (at least 1) for Sony MHS -CM5- "bloggie camera"
Sony Tripod with remote - model #VCT-60AV ($99.99)
File Folders (1 box, standard business size)

Visual and Performing Arts

Supplies to finish mural project in art bldg.
Someone to clean the ceramics room daily
Replacement window blinds
Small printing press
light booth - theatre equipment
Help with funding musical we have a matching grant from AEF up to $2000.00 so we need donations to get the money
SD Memory card readers for photo classes
Dry Erase Pens - multi colors