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AHS News eTree

The AHS News email list is run by the PTSA to disseminate announcements from the PTSA and other school/community support groups.

To see all PTSA announcements and for instructions on how to get them emailed to you, visit PTSA News or choose "PTSA News" from the News tab, above.

There are two types of email lists to sign up for.  The PTSA recommends signing up for both.  With the Albany High School News Update, you'll get all the news about the school in one daily email.  With the Yahoo e-tree, you'll get important time-sensitive notices as soon as they're ready for you.

Albany High School News Update

Sample Message (note table of contents on top)

How they look in email inbox (same subject line, one per day)

How to UNSUBSCRIBE from Albany High School News Update: Unsubscribe link

Yahoo AHSNews e-tree

To sign up, send a blank email to

Sample Message

How they look in email inbox (different subject lines, but more than one per day)

How to UNSUBSCRIBE: Send a blank email message to

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact our PTSA eTree Coordinators at