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PE Exemption

P.E. Exemption
For Interscholastic Athletic Participation at Albany High School

Albany High School students may have their PE 2 requirement for graduation exempted through participation in District interscholastic athletic programs. The one-year requirement will be exempted if the student participates in FOUR seasons of any combination of school athletics, beginning with sports in 10th grade. Because 9th grade students are required to enroll in P.E., only 10th-12th grade students are permitted to exempt PE by participating in athletics.

What are the requirements for the P.E. Exemption?

1. Submit a P.E. Exemption Form to your counselor at the end of your 9th Grade Year. (Students only need to turn in one signed P.E Exemption form during high school)

2. Student must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA during the previous grading period in order to be eligible for this exemption. 

3. Student must take and pass the California State Fitness Gram. If a student fails the Fitness Gram, he/she is not eligible for a PE exemption.

4. Students may not have more than FIVE ABSENCES from practice/games to qualify for a Physical Education athletic exemption.

Do I earn credits towards graduation for participating in interscholastic athletics?

The student who wishes to exempt his/her Physical Education requirement through participation in sports will not add credits to his/her academic record through athletic participation.

Please note: If the student has one season of a sport remaining to complete after 1st semester of senior year (i.e., plans to participate in a winter or spring sport during senior year), he/she risks not meeting graduation requirements should anything happen so that he/she is unable to complete that athletic season.