Mandatory Meeting For Students Taking ENG 3 Honors Next Year

10th Graders: Do you intend to enroll in English 3 Honors next year? Be sure to attend the MANDATORY informational session Tuesday, May 29, from 3:45-5:15 p.m. in the Multi Purpose Room. At the session, we will go over the skills and competencies you will need to complete the required summer reading work and be prepared for the start of the new year.

Feel free to contact Ms. Edber or Mr. Rusich if you have any questions.

Dashka Slater author visit - to speak about her award winning YA non-fiction book 57 Bus

This Thursday - 6:30pm - Albany High School Theater - 603 Key Route Blvd Albany, CA - free!

57 Bus recounts the true story of the incident that occurred a few years ago wherein one teen set another teen's skirt on fire on an AC Transit bus in Oakland. The book explores topics such as gender nonconformity, the autism spectrum, the juvenile justice system, and the socioeconomic imbalance between the hills and the flats of the East Bay. The book also explores the limitations and distortions of media narratives.

57 bus.jpg

PTSA Needs Donations, Volunteers and Food For Teacher Luncheon

Hello Albany High School Community!

It's the time of year when we express our gratitude to the teachers and staff at Albany High School. The annual Teacher & Staff Appreciation Luncheon is Wednesday, May 30th.

Please help us make this year a success by donating $$ to help buy main dish ingredients, by signing up to bring some food items or by volunteering your time.

Please visit the link above and let us know how you can lend a much-needed hand this year!

If you have any questions, please contact the coordinators: Beth Thomsen (, Lisa Kirkby ( or Liz McBee-Horner (

Help Fund SchoolCARE—Help Fund Electives

Dear AHS Families,

Since 2001, SchoolCARE has provided AHS and other AUSD schools with essential and varied support, all with funds donated by Albany families.

Please consider giving generously to SchoolCARE. All the proceeds directly benefit our Albany students! Having additional electives at AHS has been invaluable to providing much needed services to our students. We are so appreciative to SchoolCARE for supporting our students in this way.

SchoolCARE needs to raise an additional $75,000 district-wide by early summer to fund the staff that are most important to the community - like elective courses at AHS. Donations are important now for planning the coming school year.

For more information or to make donations, you can go to

Thank you for your ongoing support,
Alexia Ritchie, AHS Principal 

A Look Ahead To Fall Sports 

The Albany High School 2018 Fall sports season is just around the corner. Below is some important information that will help you prepare for the upcoming fall sports season at Albany High School.

Online Registration Window (June 1st - Aug. 2nd)

Registration for Fall sports will be open from Friday, June 1st @ 8:00am and will close on Thursday, Aug. 2nd @ 3:00pm. Late registration will take place between Aug. 6th - 9th ONLY. Late registrants will not be cleared to tryout/practice until Monday, Aug. 13th. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please be sure to follow all instructions on the athletic registration webpage. Online registration can be found at   

Medical Clearance Forms

Students are required to have a physical examination certifying that the student is fit to participate in extracurricular athletics. The Medical Clearance Form must be completed and signed by a physician each school year on or after July 1st (June 1st-Football ONLY). Any Medical Clearance form signed by the doctor before July 1st (June 1st-Football ONLY) cannot be accepted. Medical Clearance Forms must be uploaded to your online athletic registration account in order to be cleared. No hard or email copies will be accepted.

Medical Clearance Forms can be downloaded and printed from the following link:

Practice/Tryout Information (NEW Start Dates)

The North Coast Section (NCS) made additional changes to the start dates for the 2018 Fall Sports season. For exact tryout/practice locations and times, you should contact your respective coach or check the team webpage on our website. Coach contact information can be found at the link below.

Football: Monday, July 30th

French Students Place in National Contest

Students from French 3, 4 and AP participated in this year's Grand Concours, a national French contest that took place on March 29th.

French 3 (14 161 students nationwide participated in this category)

  • Bain, Phoebe : 95th percentile gold medal
  • Bain, Isabelle 95th percentile gold medalist
  • Malat Del Valle, Gabriel 95th percentile gold medalist
  • Cristina Martinez Mikheicheva, 95th percentile gold medalist
  • Ferus-Comelo, Milan 95th percentile gold medal
  • Zhou, Melissa 90th percentile gold medalist
  • Xin, Cindy 90th percentile silver medalist
  •  Zoe A Ou 90th percentile silver medallist
  • Panian, Stephan 90th percentile silver medalist
  • Horton, Hazel 90th percentile silver medalist
  • Yang, Jennifer 90th percentile silver medalist
  • Damdinbazar, Lkhagvasuren: 85th percentile silver medalist 
  • Adler, Zachary 85th percentile silver medalist
  • Xin, Becky 85th percentile silver medalist
  • Liam N., Henson, 80th percentile bronze medalist

French 4 ( 8624 students nationwide participated in this category)

  • Gonzales, Jacqueline 80th percentile bronze medalist
  • Silva, Margaret Tamang, 90th percentile silver medalist
  • Shreya Tamang, 90th percentile silver medalist
  • Vacher, Perrine 90th percentile silver medalist
  • Monnet, Salome 85th percentile silver medalist

French AP (3909 students nationwide participated in this category)

  • Chemla-Vogel, Sophie 95th percentile gold medalist
  • Niwinski, Sophie 95th percentile gold medalist
  • Ding, Angela 90th percentile silver medalist
  • Ingalls, Serena 90th percentile silver medalist
  • Kiriruangchai, Jirachaya 90th percentile silver medalist
  • Williams, Jared 90th percentile silver medalist
french 3.jpg